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What sort of AV equipment should no huddle room be without?

A huddle room is the perfect place for three or four team members to collaborate. But a good huddle room is more than just a small conference room with comfy chairs and a small table. Great collaboration chambers are outfitted with the very latest in audio-visual technology so that participants may share ideas, offer impromptu presentations, and even call in an expert who lives 500 miles away.

Making it comfortable.

The idea is to create an intimate environment where ideas can flow freely. Make sure the table is spacious, the chairs are ergonomic and functional, and the space’s color schemes are bright and cheerful. Participants should be relaxed, at ease, and prepared to do their best, most creative work.

Ready-to-go technology.

A huddle room is designed for impromptu meetings, and nothing spoils a quick, informal session faster than waiting 20 minutes for someone to fiddle about with a projector and a laptop.

Instead, participants should be able to make use of the equipment at the touch of a button. Whether this is a custom web-based control center app run from a tablet or a tabletop control panel makes no difference, as long as it’s easy to use and ready to go. The participants can then watch a video, share a PowerPoint presentation, or launch a teleconference within a few, frustration-free minutes.

Conserving space with a wall-mounted display screen.

It won’t do to just park a tiny monitor on the table. Nobody can do his or her best work while hunched over in front of a small screen. Instead, the huddle room wall can easily accommodate a big screen everyone can see clearly without strain. This will ensure meeting participants can sit up straight, get a good view at the display, and interact with whatever’s being shown. Combined with a crystal clear picture and HD video quality, the remote participant is virtually sitting right there along with everybody else.

An interactive white board.

Any collaborative team needs a workspace. Adding an interactive whiteboard turns the collaboration chamber into a truly functional space. Dry-erase marks are easily removed by a chance brush of the sleeve. It’s also impossible to share the results of the work electronically. With an interactive whiteboard these problems become a thing of the past. Each participant can jot down notes in digital ink, and the meeting’s leader can eventually save the results and email them to everyone for future reference. This, of course, means everyone can pick up right where they left off when it’s time to open the project again—or make a follow-up note from their desks later, sharing additional thoughts and ideas with the group as they develop.

Get expert help.

Audio visual integrated technology involves a number of different parts and components. Which ones any given company will need depends largely on the type of collaboration taking place. An advertising and branding firm will need one level of functionality in its huddle room, whereas an architectural firm may need something else entirely. The experts at Data Projections can design a customized, interactive place where top employees can move mountains.