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Polycom Offers Some Of The Best Solutions For Video Conferencing

For exemplary video collaboration, Polycom video conferencing technology offers solutions that substantially improve how companies communicate with other offices, within the same office, or delivering information to clients. Video communications should be innovative, easy to implement, and intuitive to use. They should offer a superb experience whether employed in a conference room or on the go via smartphone or tablet. The audio and video quality should be superlative and the support requirements at a minimum. These features and more are at the core of Polycom technology. The classroom, courtroom, boardroom, or doctor’s office can be connected to the world at large. People can meet face-to-face sharing quality content with colleagues, associates, employees, and customers, in a realistic atmosphere of a connected experience without being in the same room. Location is simply no longer a factor.

A Wide Range of Options

video conference

Worldwide reach is available to your conference room, classroom, or tablet. A distributed workforce can stay connected. Teams can collaborate from different parts of the city or the country. Training can occur at a global level. Polycom video conferencing options create an environment that becomes the workplace or classroom of the future.

Exemplary User Experience

Polycom Video Conferencing solutions offer an excellent user experience and multi-vendor integration. As an example, users can access high definition quality audio/video in the work environment or the home office at a substantially reduced bandwidth than competitors can offer. Users can quickly implement video conferencing without technical assistance.

Who Benefits From This Technology?

 In today’s world, there have been incredible innovations in collaborative conferencing technology. Communications have undergone significant advancements. Anywhere/anytime collaboration has taken the workspace out of the office. Some of the industries that can benefit and prosper by the use of this technology are:

  •  Business
  •  Federal Government
  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Education
  •  Healthcare
  •  Retail Sales
  •  Financial Services

A host of entities can reap rewards from the use of the latest Polycom solutions. Regardless of the industry, Polycom systems can adapt to and improve the workflow, offering a competitive edge. Instant video communication keeps all resources connected and in the loop.

Significant Cost and Time Savings

By implementing Polycom video conferencing, travel expenses are significantly reduced. The need for transportation, lodging, and food is eliminated. The money saved is a direct return on the communications investment. Meetings can be set up in a matter of hours or minutes, rather than days or weeks. Conferencing anytime saves time and increases productivity.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Firms that upgrade to the latest conferencing technology see extraordinary results in productivity and effective use of time. Having the capabilities to interact with each other in a seamless and streamlined fashion, having access to team leaders, and getting solutions fast-tracked, employees who telecommute are happier and much more efficient. Companies that offer Polycom video conferencing systems and solutions, such as Data Projections, have expertise in installation, implementation and support, making it easy to transition to the latest technology.

Everything is moving faster. To stay ahead of the competition, communication solutions and collaboration tools must be a part of doing business. Sharing information in a timely fashion takes an enterprise to another level.