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How Video Conference Hardware Has Changed The Way We Learn & Visit Our Medical Professionals

Since the advent of sophisticated video conference hardware, communications have been taken to a whole new level. At one time in history, the idea of seeing the person on the other end of the telephone line was a fanciful theme primarily in science fiction stories. Today, of course, video communication is not only possible but used to great effect in a variety of settings. There are two areas where video collaboration has had a profound impact; these are education and the field of medicine.

 Doctors have the capability to conference with hospital staff and patients, critical care is available in remote locations, and educators can connect with individual students in different locales to create an unlimited virtual classroom thanks to video technology. Companies such as Data Projections offer upgradable real-time, face to face, high definition solutions through audio/visual systems that can meet any requirements. These systems are scalable to fit the demand.

Long Distance Learning

Faculty members can collaborate with peers, teach remote classes, share research, and interact with students on a much larger scale. Crystal clear video conference hardware makes it possible for long-distance learning in real-time. This technology presents professors and instructors with the ability to teach at more than one college. They have the capability to instruct students in other cultures and other countries, as well. The video signal is high-definition, and the audio stream is distortion free, thanks to state of the art cameras and microphones.

Connecting Doctors and Patients

Healthcare professionals and facilities, emergency clinics, and individual physicians can connect with their patients in a visual manner and provide a variety of services such as checkups, specific health assessments, and surgical consulting. Individuals that are home-bound or have trouble getting to a medical clinic or office have the opportunity to “see” their healthcare provider with this technology. Doctors can communicate with patients in extremely remote locations where medical care is limited. With the latest in video conference hardware, there are no more borders.

Connecting Doctors with Doctors

Sometimes it is impossible to have a face to face consult with another physician when there is a critical need for a second opinion. A specialist might be in another city or another country, or across town. A video conference with high-definition hardware is an ideal solution. Point-to-point video systems are available in a variety of interfaces for real-time communication. Individual consults or multiple conferencing options allow full sharing of ideas and can streamline the diagnosis process, enhancing healthcare overall.

High-quality video conference hardware ensures that communications are efficient and swift. Firms like Data Projections offer Polycom technology for audio/visual solutions in custom packages that use less bandwidth and can be implemented at a variety of price points. Through the utilization of this technology, healthcare professionals and educators will see an uptick in productivity, and savings of both time and money. They can collaborate with colleagues, patients, or students in other locations without the delay and expense of travel. A face to face meeting doesn’t have to be in the same room anymore, or even on the same continent. Data Projections can help any business find the perfect solution for their individual needs.