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A Video Conferencing Suite Provides Many Benefits For A Business

The phrase video conferencing suite can refer to two separate but related concepts. The first instance refers to a collection of software aimed at remote conferencing. The second refers to an audio-visual room or space where remote meetings can be held by way of a combination of hardware and software featuring high-quality streaming capabilities. This piece will focus primarily on the latter concept. 

Audio Visual SystemA video conferencing suite provides a variety of benefits for businesses, educational facilities, and anywhere else that stands to gain from circumventing the barriers of time and space by way of modern technology. The modern advantage of allowing individuals to come together and share concepts and ideas despite vast distances was once the stuff of science fiction novels. Yet yesterday’s whimsical fiction is today’s reality: many people and industries engage via remote meetings every day of the year. And the reason for this is quite simple—with a wide variety of applications, remote meeting saves companies and educational institutions time and money.


Given the core function of the concept of the video conferencing suite—to allow parties to digitally meet from two physically separate locations—any situation in which an organization may require two or more people to communicate from a distance has use for such a facility. However, some situations have more use for remote meetings than others.

Educational Facilities

Many campuses across the U.S. (and the world) utilize remote meetings. Remote meeting technology provides an excellent way for students to attend lectures without physically stepping foot on campus, allowing for internet-based classes throughout the U.S. While online classes have been available on certain campuses since the early 1990s, only recently has technology become sufficiently advanced and available for the widespread applications that occur today.

In educational facilities where remote meetings are common, dedicating rooms—suites—may be constructed solely for this purpose. From camera choice to digitally-enhanced whiteboards, these spaces are often optimized for equipment relating to remote meeting technology, providing students with an unparalleled educational experience from their own homes.


It’s increasingly common for a wide variety of businesses to regularly use a dedicated video conferencing suite. Frequent meetings are a reality for most businesses, and not everyone can be in one place at one time. Remote conferencing technology provides a solution for this problem, saving companies time and money while increasing efficiency. With a high-quality audio-visual setup that allows for high resolution interaction between parties, communication is clear, allowing for easy perception of, for example, gestures accompanied by ideal audio quality.

Whatever an organization’s goal or purpose, if it includes remote conferencing capabilities, an experienced audio-visual integration team can make it happen with efficiency and professionalism.