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Why Businesses Should Use Polycom For Video Conference

Polycom is the video conference technology leader, and it’s a title the company has fought to attain with decades of experience in the industry with its RealPresence technology. The benefits of A/V solutions, and collaboration solutions in particular, are becoming well known throughout the commercial and industrial world. The technology is not confined to any one industry, and is more about changing the way companies do business. The results have been such that A/V communications are now considered a must for many fields. Polycom is considered to be the must-have brand when it comes to collaboration solutions.

The Power of Polycom Video Conference Technology

Think about the challenges usually involved with long distance collaboration. Maintaining a connection, ease of operation, scalability, feature sets – all of those issues have been solved by Polycom video conference solutions. Specifically, though, what does the leading brand bring to a client? Consider the many benefits of adopting the industry’s best collaboration technology:

  1. Intuitive controls – By far, the limiting factor on A/V solutions is how easy they are to use. It doesn’t matter what kind of features come with the equipment or how crisp the picture is if the company can’t use the technology effectively. This is an area of focus for the industry’s leading brand, which can be immediately seen and felt with its smart UI design. Interfacing is done with simple touch and gesture controls, and with SmartPairing, a user can control a meeting from their own device and even transfer a call from a tablet to a large display with nothing but a single swipe.
  2. Display quality – Those who have followed the ups and down of collaboration technology remember what early collaboration was like. For years, the best a company could hope for was a stable connection. The quality of the audio and visual signal was expected to be poor. The industry has made major leaps in this area, just in the last several years. Now, Polycom video conference technology can achieve up to 1080p60 quality while maintaining a steady connection, a level of quality that takes away the feeling of working against the technology.
  3. Excellent interoperability – Interoperability is a constant concern, and can even trip up veteran IT personnel. With so many vendors available to clients, there is always the fear that picking one vendor means that it will be impossible to connect with partners that use a different vendor. Not a problem with RealPresence solutions, as they are formatted for compatibility with the most popular collaboration environments and with the most common tools that businesses use.
  4. Low operating costs – RealPresence offers a low total cost to own due to its user friendly and efficient nature. RealPresence can achieve HD quality with half the bandwidth of most other competing options, and with its intuitive controls, it can shave off hundreds of hours of IT labor every year.

Polycom video conference solutions are the most respected name in the industry for several reasons, and with options ranging from desktop collaboration to full room installations, there is a solution for every company.