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The Benefits Of The Ability To Capture Streaming Video

Sometimes an online presentation or conference is too complex or too important to just view once, and that’s when the ability to capture streaming video comes in handy. Companies of all sizes are increasingly relying on online presentations to train employees, make major announcements or release end of quarter or end of year reports. But while companies have the right idea in making streamed and recorded media part of their communications, most have trouble getting acceptable production values from their equipment and setup. That can have a significant impact on the media’s effectiveness, as poorly developed media will not engage the viewer.

Why should companies capture streaming video for their operations?

By now, most large companies understand the value of promoting a strong social media brand presence. Live media gives companies powerful new tools in creating novel content and winning over customers with engaging messaging. Live media, when a company fully commits to it, can also create an “always there” presence that ensures the brand is always in front of consumers.

However, none of these concepts speak to why a company should capture streaming video, as this refers to grabbing online live media and saving it for future use. Just as live media can be a powerful tool for brand outreach, it can also be a powerful tool for internal communications, and live media used for internal communications fulfills a different purpose. Consider why a business might need to house saved media on its end:

  1. Group teleconferencing can get frenetic. Especially when there are a lot of people or information involved, it may be impossible for everyone to keep up with the speakers. Companies often use group teleconferencing to discuss critical initiatives and project details, and meeting members can’t afford to miss out on valuable information. By grabbing the conference for future reference, meeting members won’t have to waste each other’s time following the conference to go over the same things again and again.
  2. Sometimes, worthy training resources are hard to find. Training new hires is an often overlooked process, even within established companies, but it’s one of the most important for prolonged success. But excellent training resources, especially for those in technical industries, are often difficult to locate. This is an opportunity for companies to create their own training materials using live media, and providing the tools needed for new hires to grab the media for later reference. Such an approach can help a business secure an advantage in their industry, as their new employees will ramp up to full productivity as quickly as possible.
  3. Distance education is growing in popularity. Students are relying heavily on distance education resources to fit into their busy lives, and universities can make this much, much easier for their students to handle if they allow them to capture relevant streaming video. Educators already use live media to deliver course material, so why not also provide the tools needed to save this content for future use?

The degree to which people are connected by live media these days is incredible, and it’s only going to ramp up in the near future. Companies and educational institutions with the ability to capture streaming video will position themselves well for this emerging revolution in media.