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Morning Video Announcements Are The Way Of The Future!


The future of morning video announcements has arrived. There are a wide variety of situations where utilizing video as a means to impart the day’s news and announcements will yield excellent results. Video is a highly popular medium and is showing signs of eclipsing the written word on numerous informative websites. Morning announcements can benefit from a similar makeover. Delivering compelling content to a target audience is only as useful as the medium used for delivery. Audio-only statements tend to cause people, especially students, to zone out and stop listening. Audio only can be perceived as rather boring, whereas video is animated, relevant, and fascinating. It takes the proper equipment to ensure that the message flows in a high-quality and exciting format. Individuals are more sophisticated than ever and expect to be engaged. If not, they quickly move on. For the implementation of this technology, it is best to use a firm that specializes in audiovisual messaging. A company such as Data Projections has everything in place to supply and install the required technology.

Video Announcement Technology for Business Applications

Morning video announcements have many business applications. Information is often shared via employee computers. Regular weekly and daily meetings held for all or groups of personnel will lead to an uptick in productivity. There will be no need to attend a meeting in person. Employees can remain at their desks, tune in to the scheduled meeting, and continue to work. Announcements and news can be disseminated quickly to everyone in the company, even to employees in remote locations.

Customers and clientele reached by morning video announcements over existing networks are limitless. Employees, management, and customers can receive information over broadband on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Mobile employees no longer have to miss pertinent information just because they are on the move.

Video Announcement Technology for Education Applications

When one thinks of morning announcements, K-12 schools usually come to mind. Everyone can remember the tinny voice of the Assistant Principal emanating from the overhead speaker, complete with feedback and distortion. Clearly, this is not the ideal way to capture the attention of active students. It is that time of day when kids need to hear the important news but are often too preoccupied to pay attention. That is where morning video announcements can make a difference in captivating an audience.

Everything about video makes it a superior messaging system over plain audio. Man is a visual creature. Interesting pictures have always caught the attention of people everywhere. Kids from grade school to high school are very much into current video and all forms of technology, so their interest, to say the least, is already keen. They are the perfect audience for morning video announcements. With the help of companies such as Data Projections, it is relatively simple to install the requisite high definition cameras, microphones, teleprompters, and recording equipment needed to transform morning messages. The messages become entertaining and informative segments that capture the attention and are readily absorbed by all within viewing distance. Don’t wait another minute, embrace the future of video messaging today.