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The Many Uses Of Online Video Streaming

Online video streaming is a feature that consumers have come to expect from the internet. Every day, internet users view hundreds of millions of hours of content on Youtube, and that’s just one site. Businesses that don’t offer their visitors this media are missing out on a big opportunity, as it is an excellent method for improving brand image and presenting products. But it’s not just applicable for external use, as this media can make training and presentations easier and more effective as well.

How can online video streaming be used to better a company’s operations?

Visual media can have a major impact on how a business is perceived. A well-written and produced piece of media immediately confers a professional, trustworthy impression that every business strives for. It’s also a more engaging approach to introducing products and services. Potential clients want to see a company’s products in action, and really, they just want to see the company in action. Even a simple piece of media can show company employees hard at work, and while it may seem basic, that’s often enough to leave a positive view of the business.

People tend to pay better attention to online video streaming when compared to still images as well, and there are numerous studies to confirm this. In fact, this media is so much more effective that sites that use it typically experience a significant boost in search engine optimization (SEO). According to Forrester Research, an independent market research group, sites that add this media to their site are 50 times more likely to make it to the front page of Google results. That’s because search engines find sites with this content much more relevant.

So, it’s a smart addition for capturing traffic and improving the site’s relevance, but it can also be a tool for internal operations as well. Large corporations often have trouble introducing new concepts to all of their employees, and ensuring those employees are constantly challenged to improve. Online video streaming is also the answer here, as it can be used for training purposes, with engaging material that functions like a distance learning class. In this way, company managers can reach out to as many employees as they wish, and explain even complex concepts in a clear, concise fashion.

The educational potential of the medium is something that more and more schools are taking a look at, as well. Today’s students are well acquainted with online media and are ready and willing to soak it up. Schools can reach their pupils more effectively by allowing their teachers to use the technology for some lessons. If the goal is to engage every student, then it makes sense to use a variety of teaching methods. Audio/visual systems give teachers more options in this regard.

Streamed media can enhance websites and presentations, and do things that still imagery can’t match. That’s what makes it an ideal fit for nearly any organization. Call Data Projections today to discuss the possibilities.