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The Advantages Of Streaming Video Capture

Streaming video capture is a great example of how far technology has come over the last hundred years. It wasn’t long ago that the concept of the photograph was simply unthinkable. Yet a series of technological advances set the stage for today’s widespread fixation on film and movies throughout the world.

Today humankind uses image recording devices of all types for every conceivable purpose. These devices are on street corners across the globe. They record wildlife, weather events, and traffic violations. Families use them to record precious memories.

Businesses, non-profits, and government agencies benefit from recordings in many ways, particularly when paired with streaming video capture technology. When companies are able to record live events, such as everyday processes, company updates, or conferences as they happen, they benefit from the capability of viewing them again later.

It’s a simple concept. Yet historically there have been a wide variety of complications that could arise during the process. When it comes to streaming video capture, equipment and setup play a crucial role in the quality of the final product.

Useful for Training Purposes

Before considering what streaming video capture can do for a company’s training purposes, it’s revealing to first consider the importance of training in general.

The necessity of training is a reality for every organization that has ever operated: without training—whether basic or extensive—workers simply cannot perform their jobs effectively. Well trained employees know exactly what to do and when to do it, yet poorly trained employees cost companies money or, worse yet, may injure themselves or others in the process.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of training. The most successful companies all over world pour intensive resources into training. They understand that they will get back whatever they put in many times over in quality operations, service, and safety.

But there’s a problem. Training is invariably time-consuming. It can also be resource-intensive. Imagine, for example, a company with several offices across a state. When individuals in each location must receive training, organizations have historically sent a representative from their home office to visit each location. This practice is expensive. After the costs of company down time and expenses associated with trainer salary and transportation are tallied, these figures add up. This total only grows when the training process is repeated multiple times a year.

Stepping into the Modern Era

Streaming video capture presents an elegant solution to this problem. With the advent of live video streaming capabilities, time and space no longer restrict company communications. This new-found freedom is exactly what led to the incredible level of flexibility in communication enjoyed by people across the globe.

It also means that companies can simply stream a training lesson or send a complex update a single time, record it as it happens, and forward it wherever it needs to go. It’s a far more efficient method than those that preceded it. Companies that are considering taking advantage of these benefits are wise to turn to professional audio-visual integrators for more information and a seamless setup.