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Leasing Options

Data Projections can offer a client flexible leasing options for any of it™s A/V solutions, no matter their scale or function. Sometimes, it makes more sense for a business or organization to lease equipment rather than buy it outright. It™s important to note that clients have access to the same solutions and technology when they choose this option, and Data Projections will approach the client the same way. There is, in short, no difference between leasing and buying from Data Projections, other than the financial and ownership terms associated with the solution.

In fact, Data Projections recommends some clients explore their leasing options, as this route often allows a client to cycle in new technology more easily. As technology normally makes a jump in quality every few years, remaining open to improvements will ensure a client is always maximizing their system™s productivity. And Data Projections™ flexible financial terms make it much easier to adopt a modern A/V solution while remaining within budget at all times.

What are some of the leasing solutions Data Projections can provide its clients?

  • Teleconferencing solutions, including fully immersive and integrated audio and video systems. Teleconferencing solutions usually provide an immediate return on investment, as they can reduce travel and other operational costs. These savings can be applied to system ownership or further upgrades.
  • Quality displays or projectors. In particular, schools and universities need better ways to engage students, and modern displays and projectors offer better image quality and interactivity.
  • Interactive whiteboard and flat panels. Also a favorite for schools and universities, interactive whiteboards and flat panels provide a wealth of content that encourages students to engage directly with the lesson.
  • Streaming and content production equipment. Content production is an effective way for a business to improve training, or for a university to deliver distance education, and Data Projection™s streaming hardware and software can make it a reality.

These are just a few leasing options that Data Projections offers, and there are many more available. Our goal is to ensure every client is able to find a solution that satisfies their needs and their budget simultaneously.