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Houston Corporation Thanked From HPD For Contribution

  • January
  • 15
  • 2017

HOUSTON TX – Blue Santa is sending thank you letters to the participants that helped make a special Christmas for some of the youth in Texas that might have otherwise gone without. As a participant of the 2016 Blue Santa Toy Drive, Texas’s own Data Projections was on the list to receive a commendation and thank you from them. As a result of their generosity in several cities throughout Texas, the program was a great success. 
Data Projections mobilized each of their office locations, in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, along with local police forces in those communities to help provide a Christmas to children that otherwise might not have had one. “We had large employee participation” said Robby Turner, Executive Vice President. “Police serve an important role in our cities and Blue Santa offers a great opportunity. It allows police to interact with the communities they serve, and helps these children not only have Christmas, but it also helps them to have a great interaction with their local police.”

“This is a win for both the children and the community,” Turner added. 

The note to Data Projections was also accompanied with photos of the children that they helped. “We do work with multiple ISD’s though Texas, and this was a perfect way to help children as well as support a great program that makes a difference. It is just a different type of help this time. We have included the pictures on our website http://www.dataprojections.com,” Turner concluded 

Founded in 1987, Data Projections has grown into a leader in the audio visual solutions industry. With offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Data Projections focuses on the businesses and institutions that also call Texas home. Data Projections offers its clients the ability to connect with others, collaborate in innovate ways and simplify even the most technically complex processes. Visit www.dataprojections.com to learn more.