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How Video Conferencing Can Bridge The Distant Gap

As the ways to do business continues to expand, and the limitations on business caused by location and distance continue to shrink with the help of easy to use, innovative, integrated solutions.

Historically, businesses have moved from a time where every interaction with a remote location meant a heavy travel schedule. As the internet gained steam, businesses came up with ad-hoc solutions that often involved the daisy chaining of solutions together to make a workable but not optimal solution. For example, a popular method was the utilization of WebX or Go To Meeting and putting people on speakerphone. This is far from an integrated solution.

For example, there are several restaurants and big-box chains in the south that are expanding into multiple markets. Because there are multiple construction sites happening consecutively, management needs to meet daily with the onsite project manager. They may need to review things like architectural drawings, wiring, and other schematics just as if they were in the same room together.

Stop the Struggle

Setting up a video conference is often thought to be intimidating. Many find themselves intimidated by the technology. But companies like Polycom and Microsoft Skype for Business have helped businesses bridge the gap and came up with an easy to use system that is as simple as using a laptop.

Data Projections, a Houston based A/V Integrator, is very familiar with bridging the gap from complexity to simplicity. By setting up a simple but effective Polycom collaboration solution, businesses can remotely interface with their teams.  A typical system consists of:

  • Dual HD 75” wall mounted displays for unmatched visibility
  • Polycom® EagleEyeTM IV (EEIV) camera offers brilliant visual clarity
  • Polycom® EagleEyeTM Producer, with the latest in facial recognition to command the EEIV camera
  • Polycom® RealPresence TouchTM control panel to launch video/audio calls
  • Polycom® RealPresence® Group 500
  • Polycom® PanoTM allows annotation and wireless sharing for up to four users
  • Polycom ceiling microphones
  • CATV tuner
  • Six overhead speakers
  • HD scaling auto transmitter/receiver

Download a Project Overview Sheet

With the evolution of Skype into Skype for Business, the ability to collaborate seamlessly has become easy. For remote locations, a laptop with a microphone and camera is all that is needed. There is no need for wires or a knowledge of conferencing.  This streamlined connectivity encourages collaboration and has simplified content sharing, which expands the workspace outside of the boardroom.

Implementing these types of systems have allowed management teams to stay home but work remotely with each location. These systems traverse multiple industries. Builders can communicate with the field, while they are building the newest fast food restaurant. While Conns, a Texas-based retail store uses this solution to bridge communications between service coordinators and multiple service locations, which of course offers long-term and sustainable savings.

Each system is intuitive, auto switching between who is speaking and cutting down on confusion. It offers a touch screen for ease of use, and best of all, employees do not have to have a great technical acumen to use the system.

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