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The ALZ Solution Combines Three Powerhouse AV Products

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]ALZ (Avocor-Logitech-Zoom) solutions package together an Avocor display, Logitech cameras and audio equipment, and Zoom’s conferencing software to create a state-of-the-art experience that’s user-friendly. While most conferencing solutions rely on a single manufacturer to provide all hardware and software components, the ALZ solution relies on three powerful brands to make a single, powerful conferencing option.

What’s included in the ALZ solution?

Avocor, Logitech and Zoom are industry leaders in their respective fields, and together, they have produced a solution that fits in huddle rooms and conventional meeting rooms. Each company has contributed a standout technology to the mix, including:

1. The Avocor F-Series – Avocor’s F-Series of interactive displays are available in diagonals ranging from 65-inch to 84-inch and in resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. Each one is built with an ultra-thin bezel and a screen that’s resistant to light interference.

It’s a popular option among professionals, as it features InGlass technology, an onboard i5 processor and Windows 10 Professional. The addition of InGlass is particularly notable, as it is the most advanced form of handwriting detection available and supports up to 8K resolution. It’s future-proof, then. The F-Series is also included in most of the market’s top professional interactive displays, because it allows for multiuser collaboration. Specifically, it can support up to 10 simultaneous touch points, so several users can access the display at once.

With the Intel i5 processor and Windows 10 Professional, the Avocor F-Series offers a familiar interface that most users will be able to use like a tablet. Further, it’s designed for room-ready collaboration, with a connect and control bar built into the front of the display. It comes with several USB ports for easy connectivity and control buttons for device-free use.

2. Logitech Meetup – The Logitech Meetup (All-in-one package) is Logitech’s flagship conference room camera, and the All-in-one package also comes with integrated speakers and microphones for easy conferencing.

The Meetup is ideal for smaller conference rooms and huddle rooms, where its 120-degree field of view can capture the entire space. If needed, motorized pan and tilt options can expand this field of view to 170 degrees. Logitech engineers its own camera lenses to produce an optimal visual for its cameras, and the Meetup’s is designed for low distortion viewing. With this advanced lens and superior optics, the Meetup avoids the fish-eye effect that some conference cameras have issues with.

Another feature of note is Logitech’s RightLight software, which is built into the Meetup series. RightLight is able to differentiate people from the walls and windows behind them, and it uses this ability to correct any glare or backlight. Hue and luminance is customized for each person, so there are no unusual variances in clothing color or skin tone.

The Meetup’s audio hardware is also designed for collaboration, especially in smaller meeting spaces. It includes a set of three beamforming microphones and a speaker custom-tuned for added clarity.

All of this hardware is built into a single device engineered for optimized space usage. The Meetup, then, can be rapidly deployed and scaled up as needed, as it fits into nearly any space.

3. Zoom Rooms for Touch – Zoom Rooms for Touch is the software that glues the system together, providing robust audio and video conferencing while using an interactive touch display. Zoom is one of the world’s leading conferencing solutions and has experienced extremely rapid growth in the last five years. That includes half of the Fortune 50, so it’s been proven at organizations of all sizes. That growth is built on the back of impressive customer service, which starts with software built for ease of use.

Zoom Rooms for Touch preserves this user-friendliness, using only the interactive display and a device (an iPad is recommended). From the device, meeting participants can start and control the meeting, starting it with a single button press. Once in the meeting, users can screen share wirelessly from their devices or begin whiteboarding, again, with a single button press. Everyone in the meeting can see all whiteboarding and annotating in real time, and anyone can join in to add to the session. Once the meeting is done, all whiteboarding can be saved to the cloud for future reference.

The ALZ solution covers all the bases when it comes to conferencing, so there’s no need for additional hardware or software to power the system. ALZ solutions even come with a Logitech keyboard and mouse to control the display independently. It’s a seamless package of technologies, all designed to communicate and work together. With that degree of integration, the ALZ solution is ideal for businesses large and small, and employees familiar with tech as well as those that aren’t as comfortable. An experienced AV company can make the integration process even easier, with custom configuration and training that helps companies get the most from their ALZ solution.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


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