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A corporate conference room setup with new video conference systems from Data Projections

Effective Conference Room AV Solutions for the Office Space

Unlock creativity, foster unity, and enable seamless and simple collaboration between teams - particularly remote teams with AV solutions for business.

What are Some Leading Video Conferencing Solutions?

There are several manufacturers worth pointing out in the video conferencing space. Some of them include:

Conference Room AV Solutions for DART Board Chambers

Included in a complete overhaul of DART's Board chamber functionality, we integrated digital displays and an LED projector for an upgraded AV experience. 

Read the DART Board Chambers Case Study

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A Certified Integrator Can Plan and Launch Your AV Solutions

However, the meeting room isn't the only place you're likely to find AV in a business setting. For example, the following AV solutions are also popular for companies:

Digital Signage for Businesses

Digital signage is effective wherever it's placed, which can be in a meeting room, in a lobby, or just in a high-traffic hallway. Digital signage consists of commercial-grade digital displays, media players with onboard content storage and content management software that users can use to build signage layouts.

With digital signage, your organization can promote brand-positive content, highlight a star employee, and reinforce production goals. And is an excellent choice to improve morale with simple, visually-focused messaging. Information is accessible to employees about company events and upcoming trainings and can be updated in real time if changes need to be made.

Virtual and augmented reality solutions

Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies have a place in organizations that invest in modern training for their teams. Both VR for business and AR for business offer training solutions that are ideal for technical and medical training, as they can simulate working conditions visually, to a degree that's applicable in the real world. 

Interactive innovations

Interactive displays add a tactile element to presentations in rooms, which makes for a more engaging collaborative experience. For example, with the Clevertouch, teams can open a whiteboarding session and use a pen or finger to scribble notes or introduce content from the web. In either case, it's a more compelling way to drive a meeting.

Further, interactive displays are a good companion to video conferencing solutions. The Clevertouch itself can be used to begin a remote or hybrid meetings, so wherever they are, team members can see what's on the whiteboard and annotate themselves when necessary. Informal meetings with the Clevertouch can enhance idea generation in the room.

Commercial AV Integration

Certified integrators have the experience and resources to see your AV project through from start to finish. They can also design the optimal system for your company's needs, configure the solution in response to usage patterns, and help maintain the system for long-term performance. In short, a certified integrator is a dedicated technology partner and an expert where AV solutions for business are concerned.

AV solutions are purpose-built for professional organizations, from SMBs to sprawling enterprise-level corporations and even church audio visual companies. Modern video conferencing platforms are typically software-based, so users can connect to anywhere from anywhere - like from their desk, for example. However, leading hardware manufacturers like Poly and Crestron are now technology partners with Zoom, Microsoft, and others. Through these partnerships, video conferencing providers can deliver the best soft codec solutions, which emphasize usability, and hard codec solutions, which emphasize quality and reliability.

Bring your own device, BYOD solutions.

Wireless presentation technology, like Barco Clickshare Conference and Crestron's AirMedia, allows users to enter a meeting room and connect their own devices to the room's conferencing equipment without touching a single surface, typically known as BYOD solutions.

The primary goal was cleanliness when first released, but wireless presentation solutions also make content sharing simple. In organizations that adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, wireless presentation solutions are a must. With one in place, your team members can gain access to valuable AV resources in seconds and run effective meetings from an interface they're most comfortable with - their own device.

Take the lead in meetings with business projectors

Business projectors are an alternative to digital flat panels and can be the better option in some cases. They aren't quite as bright or vivid as digital displays, but they can create supersized images (up to 120-inch diagonal), which can be helpful in larger meeting spaces and auditoriums. Some projectors are also interactive, so they can be controlled while presenting and not from the hardware itself.

Benefits of AVaaS 

With AVaaS, companies pay for their AV technologies and solutions using an OpEx approach instead of a CapEx one. For their new and improved AV capabilities, businesses make smaller monthly payments instead of dropping a budget-busting lump sum.

Not only does this make budgeting easier, but it also allows organizations to experience the full range of AV products before making a decision. These cost-effective solutions allow a company to focus on budgets and schedule payment plans that fit their budget. It's difficult to predict how employees will react to new AV tools, and AVaaS can give businesses valuable information on what their actual AV needs are.

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