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Video Walls are Versatile and can Transform Spaces

A properly configured and designed video wall will make an immediate, incredible impact, and its modular nature means that it can be scaled up or down for nearly any purpose.

A large wall screen with a crisp picture of a butterfly on a flower on it

Cultivate Loyalty With Communication

A video wall being installed by Data Projections crewmen

Video Wall Installation

Multiply your company's communication capacity with video wall installation.

A video wall integrated into a retail store next to clothing racks

Video Wall Integration

There's nothing more direct than streaming and engaging with an audience of potential customers.

A large digital wall hanging above an atrium inside a business building

Digital Display Walls

Reach thousands of employees or clients at once with little investment in material and software.

Video walls come in several varieties.

LCD Video Walls

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) video walls combine an array of panels with thin bezels into an environment and display good color accuracy in indoor settings. They can enhance the space in control rooms, conference rooms, retail stores and museums with their high-brightness displays.

LED Video Walls

LED (Light Emitting Diode) video walls use individual LED modules to create a bright and vibrant display. This seamless display is suitable for indoor and outdoor venues as they are capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. Their slim design and high brightness can compete with direct sunlight and give a dynamic experience for the viewers. The viewing distance can be determined by choosing a pixel pitch that meets the intended application and location. Sports stadiums and digital billboards are outdoor applications of an LED Video Wall.

Direct-View LED Video Walls

The Direct-View LED video walls are similar to LED video walls but with narrower bezels. These LED walls offer vibrant colors, high resolution, and fine pixel pitch to create incredible image quality to showcase the content and captivate an audience. These LED video walls are often seen in broadcast studios, luxury retail stores and high-profile corporate environments and in rooms with high brightness, you will not lose any of the color quality. Narrow-pitch LED video walls are being widely adopted by digital signage solution providers, integrators and media companies alike.

Who Makes Some of the Best Video Walls?

These are the manufacturers that should get the first look when putting together a video wall solution:

Two people reviwing screens in a control room set up with Extron control systems

The Cornerstone of Immersive Visual Experiences

Discover the remarkable capabilities and applications of LED video walls, a cutting-edge technology transforming spaces and communication in innovative ways.

  • Multipurpose streaming
  • Enhanced branding
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Designed for simplicity
  • Interactive engagement
  • Quality technology

Our Visionary Partners

In the realm of communication and collaboration, quality video walls demand the expertise and craftsmanship of reputable manufacturers. 

Selecting the Right Video Wall Brand for Maximum Impact

There is no shortage of digital display manufacturers, but video walls require a level of expertise and specialization that most of those manufacturers do not possess. As a result, there are only a few brands that deserve serious consideration. While there are only a handful of primary video wall designers and manufacturers, they present a multitude of display solutions. That's why no single solution or brand can comprehensively meet the specific vision of every company.

Video walls and LED panel walls are some of the most impactful technologies an AV integrator can provide to a client, and it's easy to see why.

LED video wall solutions are surpassing projection in performance venues and houses of worship all around the country because of their ability to deliver a seamless picture to any size and shape, even curved. LED video walls look phenomenal even in high ambient light environments, and LED video wall content looks great from every angle.

Leave Your Video Wall Configuration to the Experts