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AV System Solutions for Government Entities

Authorities at all levels are increasingly relying on audio-visual technology. Data Projections, with decades of experience, offers systems that transform spaces and cater to a wide range of needs.

Streamlined Communication and Control

Data Projections simplifies AV solutions, from a courtroom sound system to meeting recording devices. 

Video Conference Trials in Response to Pandemic Disruptions

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SKV responded to disruptions in traditional in-person court proceedings by introducing a pioneering solution—video conference trials with advanced technology.

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The Evolving World of AV Takes on Government Solutions

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what Data Projections can do for government and military officials. We are prepared to create a custom solution for any agency and help improve its effectiveness with technology like meeting recording software. In the world of courtrooms, video evidence presentation systems usually contain 2-4 large screen monitors with individual monitors for individuals such as judges, witnesses, and council tables. All systems can be designed for high security. For remote hearings in these areas, Zoom for Government is an ideal solution to ensure encryption and privacy. Government and military will also utilize video conferences in their day-to-day with possible evidence presented or to review future information. 

Command and control room systems

Command centers often link multiple video feeds, including surveillance video feeds, and can be used to analyze media and data. The equipment needs to be designed for reliable and instant changes with no delays. Recording feeds and data is often important to review at later times. It is important for the equipment to be efficient and easy to use to allow the teams to react at a fast pace when necessary.

Courtroom technology

Every day inside courtrooms, a lot of important information is delivered through audio and video channels. Most of those courthouses are operating using outdated technology or no technology at all.

These courts aren’t functioning with the efficiency they could, but AV solutions can help. Modern AV technology can improve the courtroom experience and with new courtroom technology. Even better, such solutions are easy to use and can be set up quickly with the help of a certified integrator to assist in courtroom design. Evidence presentation can use wireless technology to present to video panels, and each area can have a separate monitor to ensure that all are able to view evidence. If you have remote witness testimony, utilizing video conferencing software in the court will allow a trial to continue without the need for travel from the witness. Consumer video conferencing software is not permitted in courts such as Skype and FaceTime. In most courtrooms, the judge can have a personal monitor to follow evidence and testimonies from in-room and remote attendees. A document camera with software is also useful in a courtroom to showcase physical evidence.

There are plenty of AV solutions that are an ideal fit for courtrooms, no matter the room’s size or layout, including implementing technology such as courtroom recording software and a courtroom sound system.

Be Heard and Seen Better with Modern AV Equipment

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