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Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone and Zoom Webinars

Professionals know Zoom for its market-leading video conferencing platform, but the powerhouse communications brand is expanding to other technologies, including the Zoom room. 

Business people using HP Poly's conferencing solutions for a video call

Where Collaboration Meets Communication

A boardroom set up with dual TVs for video conferencing

Various Room Types

Tailored to your specific requirements for a Zoom huddle or larger conference spaces.

A 3D mockup of a conference room set up with AV control systems built into the table

Software Compatibility

Integrates with other video conferencing platforms to broaden the offering.

A boardroom on a video conference call, looking up at a big screen TV

Zoom Phone

Your organization can easily set up optimal communication processes and scale them up as needed.

Revolutionary Zoom Room Integration

Discover the future of collaborative spaces with groundbreaking Zoom Room innovation. We are redefining the way you connect and collaborate in modern work environments with Zoom conference rooms.

Zoom Rooms software is a room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing. Utilizing a Windows-based computer along with video displays, cameras, speakers and microphones, you have a fully integrated experience for those in the room and remote attendees. Users can easily be heard and present from the hardware in the room utilizing the room's technology through Zoom. The audio in the room can have preset volume levels to ensure there is no feedback from devices. The settings of the camera technology in the room can be set to either the whole room or auto track based on the ability of the camera. Your complete room system is designed for one-touch engagement in the meeting.

Determining the correct hardware for Zoom room meeting spaces is simple with Poly Video Bars. First, determine the size of the room with the number of participants, Android or PC devices, and touch controls for the room. Poly's X Series video bars can range from a small huddle to a larger conference room. Installation of the hardware and the Zoom room setup can be tricky to ensure that the audio and video components are accurately configured for the best experience.

A small conference room upgraded with the latest zoom room technology from Data Projections

Zoom Room Innovation, from Floor to Ceiling

Discover the future of collaborative spaces with groundbreaking Zoom Room innovation. We are redefining the way you connect and collaborate in modern work environments with Zoom conference rooms.

  • Speakers
  • Ceiling microphone
  • Hands-free camera operation
  • LED displays
  • Devices
  • Whiteboard compatibility

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SKV's Innovative Pivot: Trial by Video Conference

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional in-person court proceedings were disrupted, prompting SKV to propose a groundbreaking solution—trial by video conference.

Read the SKV Bench Trial Via Zoom Case Study

Standout Zoom Phone Features

The Zoom Phone dashboard is loaded with features, so it would be exhaustive to list them all, but here are five that every organization could benefit from:

Voice, video and messaging unification

The Zoom Phone eliminates the bloat from your communications, bringing voice and messaging into a single, professional-grade app. Your teams will never miss a critical message or call again, as they won’t have to check multiple apps to see who has contacted them and when.

Zoom Phone is also designed to enable quick transitions from one form of communication to another. For example, if two people are on a call, then more people start chiming in, and one tap sends everyone into a Zoom video call so the conversation can continue there. There’s no need to preconfigure and schedule a meeting, allowing for organic collaboration, no matter where your employees are located.

Participants can also transition from a phone call to a desktop Zoom meeting or even to a meeting in full-featured Zoom Rooms.

Dashboard monitoring

Zoom Phone is built with a backend dashboard so administrators can keep an eye on its performance. It’s visually based, so it offers at-a-glance monitoring, though detail call reporting is also available, so troubleshooting is simple.
The Zoom Phone dashboard allows IT admins to spot network issues that could be impacting call quality and causing things like jitter, packet loss and network latency. Further, all calls are automatically assigned Mean Opinion Scores, so admins will catch eroding performance as it’s happening.

One of the newer offerings is the Zoom cloud contact center, which is the first omnichannel cloud contact center platform optimized for video and supports a suite of voice and video channels, SMS and webchat.

Native apps and app integration

Zoom’s top market position makes it a desirable technology partner, and Zoom has leveraged its position for maximum intercompatibility. For instance, it comes with several native apps, including apps for Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android. This maximizes its reliability and allows organizations to keep their current workflow while integrating the Zoom platform.

Although Zoom Phone can be used with existing VoIP phone hardware or with your team’s own devices, Zoom has also partnered with several manufacturers to offer high-end desk phones, conference phones and headsets. Making phone calls is seamless from your desktop phone as well as from the mobile app, which allows you to utilize your personal device with your office phone number as well. It is a must to download Zoom client on your devices for this feature. Zoom setup is seamless, and a few of those Zoom Phone-compatible products include the Poly VVX450, Poly Trio 8800 and the Cisco MPP Phones.

Enterprise-grade security

Zoom has included numerous security features in its video conferencing platform to prevent disruptions. It starts with 256-bit transport layer security (TLS) encryption to protect your organization’s data. Advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption is also available for shared content, and optional end-to-end encryption can also be deployed.

Inside a Zoom meeting, features like password protection, waiting rooms, and various host controls mean your team is always in charge of the conference.

Upgrade Your Conference Room into a State-of-the-Art Zoom Room