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Video Conferencing Solutions Offer Unmatched Value

In business and education, video and audio conferencing fosters communication, connecting teams, supporting remote work, and linking teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

Team members on a video conference call using Data Projections solutions

Cutting-Edge Audio Conferencing for Seamless Collaboration

Business people using Data Projections's AV switching system on a conference call to review data

Elevate Your Video Calls

Safely manage video calls from your own device, avoiding contact with shared surfaces.

A conference room with a virtual meeting set up on the screen using Data Projections products

High-Tech Video Meetings

Integrate video meetings with interactive flat panels for collaborative presentations.

A boardroom on a video conference call, looking up at a big screen TV

Video Conferencing

Engineered technology to work seamlessly with major video conferencing platforms.

What Are Some Leading Video Conferencing Solutions?

There are several manufacturers worth pointing out in the video conferencing space. Some of them include:

Taking Video Meetings to the Next Level 

Explore advanced online, mobile, and camera features and capabilities for audio video conferencing.

  • Touchless Controls
  • Compatibility
  • Improved Technology
  • Interactivity
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Leading Manufacturers

A business women and her team on a video conference call with a Data Projections specialist

Our Network of Trusted Affiliates

Meet our valued network of trusted affiliates, the cornerstone of our collaborative success and extended services.

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Amplified Audio Video Conferencing for a Texas-Based Mortgage Company

Our specialists leveraged zoned audio conferencing, meaning the audio is delivered exactly where it needs to be via digital signal processing (DSP) and new audio solutions to handle audio inputs and outputs better.

Read Texas Mortgage Company's Success Story

Elevated Communication Through Exceptional Video Quality

Video and audio conferencing solutions fit in any organization, no matter what that organization’s mission is. In business settings, video and audio conferencing drives communication connects teams, allows for long-distance meetings between partners, and supports a remote workforce. In schools, video conferencing connects teachers to administrators, parents and students.


Discover How Communication Meets Collaboration with Data Projections