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What Role do Control Systems Play in an AV Setup?

Control system integrators are the brains of the operation, linking components together and ensuring they operate within configured parameters.

A command center populated with state-of-the-art monitors from Data Projections

Versatile Control System Installation for Any Environment

Business people using Data Projections's AV switching system on a conference call to review data

Elevate Your Video Calls

Streamline AV equipment, ensuring seamless presentations and interactive learning experiences.

A boardroom set up with dual TVs for video conferencing

Corporate Environments

Enhance communication, making meetings and presentations more efficient and engaging.

Three large screens inside a dark auditorium


Orchestrate immersive audio and visuals, transforming events into memorable experiences.

What Are Some of the Best Control Systems Available?

Among control system manufacturers on the market, these are some of the most respected:

The Key Role of Control System Installation in AV Solutions

Control systems are essential for AV solutions, improving operations, enhancing user experience, and boosting reliability across industries.

  • Linking components
  • Remote management
  • Seamless operation
  • Simple user interface
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Energy efficient

A small boardroom set up for conferencing using AVaaS equipment from Data Projections

Aviall logo

Aviall Achieves Seamless Training Excellence

Aviall, a prominent multinational aerospace manufacturing company, faced the challenge of outfitting a versatile training room that demanded quick and easy configuration for various purposes. The result? An accessible and seamlessly controlled training environment, empowering Aviall to effortlessly deliver high-quality, on-the-fly training materials across diverse subjects.

Read the Aviall Case Study Here

Components of an AV Control System

Control systems consist of a couple of components. The primary component is the control system box, which contains a processor and numerous ports and indicator lights, allowing for a quick status check. Though this component is the system's engine, it isn't something that most people will interact with. In fact, it should only be handled by a knowledgeable professional. What users will interact with is the control system's interface, which usually comes in the form of a touch screen, though it can also be a set of switches. The touch screen is placed in an area that is easily accessible, often mounted to the wall or installed on a desk.

Control system interfaces are extremely flexible and designed to fit into any setting. In a meeting room, a classroom, a lecture hall, a performance hall, or a council chamber, control system interfaces can be effective and intuitive even while remaining unobtrusive.

Control System Installation for Seamless AV Solutions

As control systems are sophisticated pieces of AV technology, there are only a few manufacturers that design and develop them. These are AV specialists who are well-known among integrators for their reliable and flexible technologies.

The swift rise of integrated AV solutions now demands the use of effective control systems. Even the most established companies in the space have only been designing control systems for a few decades. But though the technology may be relatively new, it's still reliable and easy to use.

Control systems are the lynchpin of any AV solution, so they should be prioritized when setting up AV components. Given their importance and intricate involvement with the network, it is highly recommended that a trusted AV integrator assist with both the selection and installation.

Upgrade Your AV Setup with Expert Control System Integrators