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How Are Good Audio Video Companies Set Themselves Apart

There are many audio and video integration companies out there, but are they all created equal? Any organization that has hired a cut-rate service knows the answer to that. The fact is, AV projects are just like any other investment, in that there is a clear difference between someone who is just selling a product, and someone who is willing to produce a total solution. Data Projections strives to be the latter, making every one of its clients a partner, and not just a customer. It’s just one reason why Data Projections’ clients get what they want out of a system. Few audio and video companies are certified through industry training organizations, but Data Projections is one of them, and has maintained their status with Infocomm for several years. Infocomm is the industry’s most respected training agency, and Data Projections has proven that much of its staff has received intensive training and knowledge in how the industry works. AV technology is sophisticated and can be mixed and matched in a number of ways. As such, it’s normal for a project to face additional challenges once it has been installed. That’s why Data Projections meets with organization staff prior to project setup, and follows the project after it has been installed. By planning beforehand and reacting quickly post-installation, Data Projections ensures every client maximizes their potential with the new system.