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AVaaS and the Economy


One Major Advantage of AVaaS: Avoiding Inflated Technology Prices

It’s 2022 and prices are up everywhere, across nearly every industry. The Consumer Price Index hit a 40-year high in March, so inflation is a problem no matter what you’re looking to buy. That’s also the case for electronics and technology, both of which have been hit particularly hard by global supply chain crises. There are multiple bottlenecks involved, both in labor and in material, and there’s been plenty of coverage on the shortage of microchips. There’s no indication on when these supply pressures will cease, but even as they persist, businesses and schools are still in need of AV solutions to power better communications. One way to get this technology without the associated inflated capital costs is through an AVaaS agreement with your integrator.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

How Are Electronics Manufacturers Responding to Supply Chain Issues?

According to the IPC, a standards-making association for the electronics industry, seven out of 10 electronics manufacturers expect to increase prices during 2022. Among them, those companies expect an average price increase of about 8 percent. With supply-side pressure extremely high, electronics manufacturers are responding by increasing prices, likely until demand cools off. There’s no telling, though, when that will occur. If your organization needs AV now, AVaaS is one way around this uncertainty.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Introducing AVaaS: Your Inflation-proof Technology Solution

AVaaS stands for AV-as-a-Service, and it’s modeled similarly after other as-a-service services. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is a notable example. With AVaaS, there’s no need to make major capital investments (CapEx) into AV technology. Instead, AVaaS utilizes an OpEx payment model, so your organization pays a manageable monthly fee instead of making a large, upfront capital expense. The price of those capital expenses is going up rapidly, but AVaaS rates can be locked in with an integrator, so in at least one area, your organization won’t have to worry about inflation.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Five More Benefits of AVaaS

There’s a lot more to like about AVaaS, however. In addition to protecting your company against inflated electronics prices, AVaaS also provides the following advantages:

Budgeting Simplicity and Accuracy

The problem with the CapEx model is that it’s difficult to forecast when those capital expenses will be necessary and how much they will cost. Capital costs are affected by a myriad of factors that are difficult to track, so if your organization relies on the occasional capital infusion, it may feel like your budget spikes every now and then. It’s a challenge to budget around that, and with AVaaS you don’t have to. Once locked into an AVaaS agreement, you’ll know what your organization is paying monthly well into the future. That’s much easier to plan a technology budget around, and it gives your business additional financial flexibility.

Endless Flexibility and Scalability

Your AVaaS solution can be modified as needed, so as your AV requirements develop, your AVaaS resources can be further developed as well. When it’s time to replace or upgrade your AV technology, your integrator can provide the appropriate hardware and adjust your monthly AVaaS fee accordingly. In most cases, this fee adjustment is modest and far less impactful than an equivalent capital expense. It’s common for businesses to scale their AV resources up once a solution has been fully adopted inside the company. AVaaS makes this scalability possible without major budgeting disruptions.

Ongoing System Support and Maintenance

Along with your new hardware, AVaaS also comes with expert support. In effect, you’re not just renting AV hardware - you’re renting an entire AV department. That means your AVaaS solution will be regularly inspected for performance and, if necessary, your partnered integrator can troubleshoot and resolve any performance-sapping issues. Most AV-related technical issues can be quickly remedied by a certified integrator. That’s why AVaaS solutions also come with on-demand technical support, provided remotely or onsite as needed.

A Long Term Partnership With an AV Technology Expert

With an AVaaS agreement, you’ll always have an AV expert backing you up. That’s valuable when it’s time for your system to receive support, as your organization will always have a solution that’s operating at peak capacity. It’s also helpful to have an integrator on your side when it’s time to make AV-relevant decisions. Is your AV solution not making the impact you were hoping for? Do your teams need additional training with the technology? Is there a technology that could offer more than your existing hardware? A certified AV integrator can provide expert answers to these questions, so when it’s time to make changes to your solution, you’ll always know the right decision to make.

An Opportunity to Test Drive Some New Technology

There’s no budget-breaking commitment associated with AVaaS solutions, so you can essentially look before you leap when signing onto an AVaaS agreement. If your initial AV setup doesn’t provide the return you’re looking for, no big deal. Make a few adjustments here, a tweak there and you can work through any number of AV configurations before landing on the one that works best for your teams. And you can do that without making a single significant capital investment.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

A Trusted AV Integrator Can Set Up a Custom AVaaS Solution For Your Organization

As compelling an option as AVaaS is, your AVaaS solution is only as effective as the integrator you work with. A certified AV integrator can provide immense value through an AVaaS agreement, with superior technology, system design and expertise on offer. Add in the budget-friendliness and inflation resistance that comes with AVaaS, and it’s a clear winner for organizations of any size and in any industry.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]