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Data Projection Is Now BrightLink Pro Certified

The EPSON BrightLink Pro is an industry leading interactive display, and Data Projections is now a certified expert in its installation and use. What does it mean to be BrightLink Pro certified? It means Data Projections is able to serve as your primary technology partner in all things BrightLink Pro.

Why should businesses look for a BrightLink certified integrator?

The BrightLink Pro is an impressive piece of hardware, and it takes an expert to get the most out of it. BrightLink certified integrators have undergone training in order to install and configure the projector properly. With this training, a BrightLink certified expert can better integrate the projector into a larger AV solution, and provide ongoing support and maintenance afterwards. If your organization relies on the BrightLink Pro for meetings, presentations or collaboration, a BrightLink certified integrator will ensure your projector delivers a smooth, compelling experience.

What does it take to become BrightLink certified?

BrightLink certified integrators are partnered with EPSON, but not just any integrator can become certified. Before attaining certification, an integrator must master the technology and be able to explain and demonstrate its features at an expert level. BrightLink certified integrators must have resources on hand to provide pre and post-sales support, as well as training to end users. EPSON also expects BrightLink certified integrators to have technical staff on hand to address any concerns or issues an end-user may have. BrightLink certification confers several benefits to integrators. With certification comes advanced access to new BrightLink features, so certified integrators become familiar with the new features first and achieve mastery with those features first as a result. Certified integrators also have access to specialized training and support, which means integrators like Data Projections are the foremost experts on BrightLink projectors, outside of EPSON itself.

What is the BrightLink Pro projector?

EPSON’s BrightLink Pro projectors are the class of the interactive whiteboard industry, designed to make collaboration more engaging, more creative and more effective. The BrightLink Pro is capable of producing a full HD image, up to 100 inches wide, and it’s available with a standard lamp display or a laser display, which lasts for up to 20,000 hours. It’s a marked jump in longevity and performance over older projector technologies. With the BrightLink Pro, users can annotate with a finger or pen, and share those notes with any device. The BrightLink Pro is a collaboration powerhouse, allowing up to 15 people to join in a session from their smartphone, tablet or through a web browser. There’s no need for proprietary software to start a session, either. Additional BrightLink Pro features include:
  • DuoLink – With DuoLink functionality, two BrightLink Pro projectors can be installed in tandem, allowing for an interactive space with a 177-inch diagonal. It’s one of the largest collaboration experiences possible, so multiple people can get in on the collaboration at once, with room to spare.
  • Split Screen – The BrightLink Pro can project a pair of images from different sources, and project them side-by-side. There are multiple layout options available, and the audio source can be selected between the two screens. A popular use of Split Screen is to bring in a videoconference session on one display, and use the rest of the space for the presentation and supporting media.
  • Versatile projection options – The BrightLink Pro is built with an ultra-short throw design, so it can go just about anywhere. It can be used with a standard dry erase board, any flat wall, or a motorized table built just for the BrightLink Pro series. The table comes with a motorized height adjustment feature, as well as vertical and horizontal angle adjustment features.
  • Low maintenance operation – Some BrightLink Pro models are equipped with a laser display, and laser displays require almost no maintenance during their 20,000 hours of performance. It works every time, for a long time.
  • Moderator – The BrightLink Pro’s Moderator feature lets a designated moderator connect up to 50 devices to the projector, with four participants sharing content at a time. Moderator is an excellent feature for extensive collaboration efforts, where teams need to go through many examples as quickly as possible.
  • Projector Management Software – EPSON includes its Projector Management Software with the BrightLink Pro, and it can be used to manage up to 2,000 networked projectors. The software allows users to create projector groups and hierarchies, manage individual projectors or groups of projectors, view the status of each projector, power-on projectors and send messages to networked displays.
The BrightLink Pro is a sophisticated piece of interactive whiteboard technology, and Data Projections is one of the few AV integrators that is a certified expert in its use. With the BrightLink, you’ll be able to take your meetings to the next level, and Data Projections is ready to help get your organization there.