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Data Projections Is Now A Premier Partner With Zoom Communications

Data Projections is proud to announce that we are now a Premiere partner with Zoom Communications. That means we can help you with the full suite of Zoom products, as Zoom offers more than just meetings. Data Projections decided to partner with Zoom for several reasons. For example:
  • Zoom was founded in 2011 and now has more than 18 global offices and more than 2,500 employees. In short, it’s an established video conferencing and communications platform that has gained worldwide trust.
  • Zoom supports more than 400,000 companies on its platform, including everything from tiny startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Zoom is also used at universities and K-12 schools around the nation.
  • Zoom can be integrated into more than 200 workflow tools, including popular options like Microsoft, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk and Dropbox. This allows your teams to keep working with tools they’re comfortable with through Zoom.
  • The Zoom Phone is the next evolution in cloud telephony and is used by thousands of SMBs and enterprises. That includes massive enterprises like Exxon-Mobil.

How can businesses and schools communicate better with Zoom?

Zoom has provided voice, video, chat and content sharing services through a reliable cloud for nearly a decade. This experience is in high demand now, with social distancing in effect and organizations looking for an alternative. For thousands of businesses and schools, Zoom has been that alternative, for several reasons. For example:
  1. It’s designed to be simple - Setting up and joining a meeting in Zoom is easy. Users can organize a meeting in advance, setting the time and the password needed to enter the conference. If desired, the meeting can be toggled to be recurring, so users only need to organize it a single time.
  2. It’s designed to be secure - In addition to advanced security features like end-to-end encryption, Zoom allows users to secure their meetings using several easy to use settings. When creating a meeting, for instance, users can create a unique password that is only given to meeting participants.Zoom’s “waiting room” feature puts participants in a space separate from the meeting before they join, so no one can join without host approval. The host can let people in one at a time using this feature, or everyone in at once.The host can also prevent people from joining, so they retain full control over the meeting. Hosts can also control who can screen share, mute participants and block their camera, before they can enter the meeting. The host can even disable file transfers, so malware can’t be sent to others in the meeting.
  3. It’s designed to be reliable - Zoom’s platform is lauded for its stability and consistent, high quality calling. It also comes with performance monitoring tools, so IT can troubleshoot potential network issues before they become actual network issues.

A closer look at the Zoom Phone

The Zoom Phone offers phone, meetings, video and chat through a single platform, using Zoom’s cloud instead of a traditional land-line system. VoIP technology is nothing new, but the Zoom Phone is an evolution on the form. Why?
  • It unifies communications - With the Zoom Phone, your teams can access all of their communication tools through a single, familiar interface. That includes phone calls, video meetings, content sharing and chat messaging.
  • It is compatible with other business applications - The Zoom Phone comes with native applications for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS, and is compatible with an array of mobile business applications. No matter how your team prefers to work, they can do it using the Zoom Phone.
  • It allows users to switch from one communication channel to another - The Zoom Phone is the only phone that allows users to switch from a call to a Zoom meeting without stopping the call. A face-to-face meeting is only one tap or button press away.
The Zoom Phone is also built with several features that people expect from their phone system. This includes intelligent call routing, call management, caller ID, voicemails and call recording. Together, it makes for an impressive feature package that connects your teams better, gives professionals more control over how they communicate and improves administrators’ efficiency.

How can Data Projections help integrate Zoom into your communications?

Zoom is known for its ease of use but integrating a new communication platform into your organization’s workflow is still a challenge. That challenge, though, can be overcome with an integrator’s expertise, and along with that expertise comes the following:
  1. Optimal system configuration and design for your Zoom needs - With so many Zoom products and systems to choose from, getting started can be overwhelming. If your organization needs something customized, that will add to the project’s complexity. Our AV integrators are familiar with all of Zoom’s product offerings, so we can help fit your team’s preferred workflow to the ideal Zoom system.
  2. A Zoom system that will scale easily - Many schools and businesses find their new Zoom system to be so effective that they want to expand on it. AV integrators design their solutions so that they can be built upon as needed, so if your school has a sudden need for distance education, for example, this need can be met without starting from scratch.
  3. Prompt system installation - With the educational and professional landscape both in a stage of transition, organizations need their AV solutions launched quickly and without incident. AV integrators have the resources and experience to ensure system installation is as efficient as possible.
  4. Ongoing support and maintenance - Following system installation, integrators will train users on its function, so your people are ready for Zoom from the start. If needed, an AV integrator can also monitor and maintain AV assets, preventing performance lags, network issues and security holes.
Zoom is a leader in video and voice communications, and Data Projections is a leader in AV solutions. As a premier partner, we’re ready to help your organization make room for Zoom.