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Simply Connected Episode 1: Getting to Know Data Projections

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Data Projections is excited to introduce the inaugural episode of the Simply Connected Podcast with company commentators, Sandy Hill and Chris Mitchell. The goal of the podcast in general is to provide listeners with a bi-monthly podcast designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding AV integration. However, the initial episode focuses primarily on introducing who we are as a company and highlighting the services we provide. This introduction introduces the scope of our services and lays the groundwork for the content of future episodes. 

Who Is Data Projections?

Data Projections is a Texas-based AV integration company, which often begets to following two questions from potential customers:

  1. What exactly is AV?
  2. What is AV integration?

We first want to address the definition of AV as it applies to most of our readers:

  • AV stands for audiovisual.
  • Essentially AV is whatever elements are in a classroom, conference room, boardroom, or building that shows video and shares sound and also has the capability to integrate those things.
  • It is the ability to utilize messaging to connect and communicate with other people.
  • AV equipment is the hardware and main avenue we use to enable clients to share messages, with sight and sound.

The definition of AV integration then becomes the collaboration of audiovisual elements working together to achieve a common purpose. This typically requires addressing a great number of details, such as the elimination of audio feedback for all of the various elements that come with AV integration to work together seamlessly.We are set up to both equip our clients with AV technology as well as AV integration so that our customers can make the technology work for them, and not the other way around. With offices in Texas’ largest cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, Lubbock and San Antonio, we are proud to be serving in many capacities across the Lone Star State.

Maintaining Educational Roots and Facilitating Expansion

The Houston office is the corporate office for Data Projections and is where it all started about thirty years ago with the company’s founders, Linda and Bill Zaleski. Since the earliest days of the company, Linda’s goal has always been to equip the education sector. As a previous educator herself, she understands the need for technology in the classroom and wants to do what she can to ensure its availability for Texas schools.With the company’s humble beginnings in education all those years ago, Linda still remembers carrying in massive projectors to a classroom to work alongside a huge pull-down screen. It was still considered technology then, but it has drastically changed and improved in the subsequent decades with digital applications.Today we are honored to assist the educational industry with schools K-12 and higher, but we also serve industries such as:

  • Corporations
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Transportation

We offer audiovisual technology and solutions in the education market that have strikingly similar applications for corporate and government industries as well. Whether the people benefiting from audiovisual equipment are seven years old or forty years old, Data Projections can customize audiovisual equipment and integration to better fit each client’s unique needs.

Our Dedicated Education Team

One of the things that often makes our company standout for clients in the education sector is that we have a dedicated education team. In addition, many of the team members have spent some time in the classroom giving them an intimate understanding of what these clients need to efficiently do their job.Some of the ways in which our education team has served school districts includes:

  • Enabling classroom technology to facilitate virtual, in person, and hybrid learning environments
  • Outfitting technology for divide and combine classrooms
  • Assisting school district boards to connect virtually, in person, and in hybrid environments
  • Creating collaboration spaces for group and project work
  • Equipping specialty programs such as the high school Incubator Program to work more effectively
  • Offering digital signage as a means of communication to individuals present in a school district building or campus
  • Establishing an audiovisual solution for reaching out to school guests and visitors with important information

How We Do What We Do

Our audiovisual solutions are designed to work for clients of the private and commercial sectors with options for detailed customization.Unlike some AV integration providers, in areas where we are not experts about a specific type of technology or support, our clients can be confident that we are working with experts to provide the needed support. Our designers, project managers, and sales team work closely and have relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry.We acknowledge the importance of working with the best of the best, from the people we have on staff to the manufacturers we work with on a daily basis. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and advancements of some of the leading integrators and minds in the audiovisual industry.Our goal is to put the best audiovisual technology into classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies and wherever our clients need it to be. We want to help them communicate, collaborate, and connect with their audience whether it be students, business partners or clients. We want to help them simply connect with others via the best AV solutions available.

What To Expect for Future Podcast Episodes

Through a vast foundation of professional knowledge we have built over the last thirty years, we are excited to bring answers to your technology questions and address specific concerns that are now popping up, especially in the ever-changing landscape of enduring a pandemic. Our staff is finding that the questions people are asking today are quite different than the questions people were asking even just two years ago. This speaks to how fast technology is changing.To learn more about how to simply connect with various audiences with the right audiovisual equipment and integration plan, be sure to subscribe to our podcast, which comes out every other week, and visit us online.