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Four Ways Video Walls Transform a Space

Video walls are ideal, impression-making masters. With their scaled-up size and compelling visuals, video walls attract attention wherever they're installed. In professional settings, this has obvious positives in influencing customer behavior, but a video wall can do more than sell products. When expertly integrated, video wall technology can serve in a variety of applications, some of which are critical to business or organizational operations. Here, we'll address four reasons why organizations are prioritizing video wall solutions, and how those solutions can transform a space.

1. Video Walls Attract and Retain More Customer Traffic

Video walls can be a powerful replacement for print signage, providing eye-grabbing attention for sales, specials, and new product arrivals. This approach works in grocery stores, department stores, car dealerships, specialty and boutique retail shops. There are few limits to how video walls can be applied in this way. But video wall displays also work to improve the customer experience - another reason why they attract additional foot traffic. Their vivid colors, graphics, and animation are extremely effective in a window or storefront display, where they can draw people in. Once inside, video walls keep people from leaving, especially if those screens support interactive customer experiences. For example, with an interactive LED wall, customers can search through the store's inventory, model products, search for buyer's guides, or simply be entertained and engaged. All of this adds up to more in-store time for customers, and therefore more time to convert traffic into sales.

2. Deliver Multiple Streams of High-Priority Information

Visual information is dense, and video walls can provide more of it than any other AV solution. That's why you'll see video walls in airports, museums, tourist destinations, concert halls, sports stadiums, and other large venues. Here, they can provide critical information like schedules and wayfinding. In this way, a large format screen works like an info kiosk and can reduce the amount of man hours needed to help visitors. That can have a big impact on visitor experience and overhead. There are additional ways to use this video wall advantage. Utility companies, municipalities and enterprise companies make extensive use of large format screens in their control rooms. Whether it is to monitor network status and performance, pressure readings, surveillance cameras, or something else, video walls are the centerpiece of control room spaces. And speaking of spaces, video walls offer extensive screen space for multiple source inputs. A single video wall can be used to monitor dozens of input feeds at once, in an organized fashion that's easy for control room operators to interpret. If boosting control room performance or consolidating multiple control rooms is a company goal, then investing in improved video walls makes sense.

3. Support Live or Virtual Events

The 2020 pandemic caused many organizations to start organizing their events without people in attendance. And even as the pandemic fades from view and live events are returning to prominence, virtual events remain quite popular. Webinars, in particular, are in widespread use among companies. They're perfect for communicating with thousands of employees at once, delivering important announcements, and helping people further their training. They're also more effective with video walls. With a video wall backing a webinar presentation, presenters have the ideal visual aid behind them. And because virtual events are filmed in a separate space, without a live audience, the presenter can stand right up against the display. For the same reason, video wall technology is also effective for live events. You've probably seen them supporting live performers and displaying powerful visuals. This isn't limited to A-list groups, though, as the same application works for any company event. Award ceremonies, regional meetings, major product launches – these are all good reasons for a company event and all good reasons to have a video wall solution in place. It can be used to display a variety of supporting content during presentations. During an award ceremony, the video wall can display the names and pictures of recipients. During a major company meeting, the display can be used to run videos of the company's teams in action. During a new product launch, the video wall can be used to display critical pieces of information or data about new company offerings. Whatever the focus of your next event, a video wall can increase its impact.

4. Add an Interactive, Compelling Element to Meetings

Video walls can also be scaled down and used in more routine settings. Specifically, they're an excellent way to improve meeting engagement and efficiency. This is especially true if your new solution supports interactivity. Interactive video walls are the ultimate meeting delivery tools for managers. It's easy to see how they improve engagement as it's hard for participants to peel their eyes from the screen. As for meeting efficiency, interactive video walls can boost it by giving presenters additional mental bandwidth during the meeting. They can use their voice to deliver the presentation, eye contact to maintain engagement, and their fingers to control the screen - all at once. The presenter doesn't have to break their visual focus to keep the meeting moving. If your meetings aren't providing a good ROI on invested time, a video wall may decrease the time they take while increasing their effectiveness.

Video Walls are Purpose-Built for Visual Communication

Every organization can benefit from better messaging, whether it's delivered at the point of sale or delivered internally among your teams. Visual messaging can greatly influence how customers and your own employees perceive your brand. AV integrators are visual communications specialists, and video walls are the most powerful video-based tool in their arsenal. Whether deployed in a professional setting, in a retail shop or at a world-class performance venue, video wall solutions can make a huge impact for your organization.