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Headshot of Taylor Hill

Data Projections Announces New Team Member Taylor Hill

HOUSTON TX – Data Projections, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Clevertouch Specialist Taylor Hill to their growing team. “For more than thirty years we have provided customized audio/visual solutions across Texas, and we are so pleased to welcome Taylor Hill and her expertise of the Clevertouch ecosystem to the team,” said Matthew Zaleski, President of Data Projections.

As an audio/visual integration specialist for the company, Hill brings a treasure trove of technical background and experience to the table. A self-proclaimed technology enthusiast with a background in Business and Data analytics, she intimately understands how to facilitate a more effective workplace environment that has the capacity to both increase company productivity and enhance its culture.

By industry standards, Hill is considered an expert in Clevertouch, an interactive flat panel technology frequently used by businesses and government entities to enable better connectivity and collaboration. She is expected to play a key role in providing Clevertouch recommendations and demonstrations, as well as offering rollout support.

“Our primary goal has always been to help our clients stay connected with the people and organizations that are important to them. Ms. Hill will act as an integral extension of this mission in working with clients to establish a workplace environment that complements their specific technology needs and improves communication,” Zaleski concluded.

Hill is already slated to participate in several upcoming technology conferences to share her Clevertouch ecosystem knowledge and technical insight.

About Data Projections:

Founded in 1987, Data Projections has grown into a leader in the audio/visual solutions industry. With offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Data Projections focuses on the businesses and institutions that also call Texas home. Data Projections offers its clients the ability to connect with others, collaborate in innovate ways and simplify even the most technically complex processes. 

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