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Simple and Seamless Connections

ACE needed an AV solution that would simplify connectivity, streamline meetings, and facilitate collaboration within the organization.

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Need A Productivity Booster?

ACE Energy Solutions, a Katy-based crude marketing and gathering firm, is always looking for a productivity booster, and the company decided it was time to enhance its team's connectivity technology.


Customized and Tailored AV Solution

After surveying the ACE offices, Data Projections (DPI) built a customizable solution around the Clevertouch interactive flat panels. The flat panels from Clevertouch, one a 75-inch Pro and the other an 86-inch Pro, were installed in the ACE board and working conference rooms so multiple teams could make use of the Clevertouch panels.

Bridging the Gap Between Communication and Collaboration

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From reception and booking systems to in-meeting interactive displays, Clevertouch creates dynamic interactive workspaces for better collaboration.

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Increased Productivity and Improved Collaboration

The response to the Clevertouch interactive panels has been uniformly positive. Before Clevertouch, ACE ran meetings using traditional methods such as connecting to a TV with a 20-foot HDMI cable, outdated whiteboards and flip charts. The difference has been immediately noticeable, according to ACE Energy's Manager of Technology Services, John Cannon.

One of the main reasons we love Clevertouch is the digital whiteboard. Using a digital whiteboard has so many benefits compared to a typical whiteboard. No traditional pens, which could easily damage a new white shirt or run out of ink within days, no loss of data through the infinite canvas, which can be easily saved to the cloud or e-mailed to everyone on the team instantly, said Cannon.

The big test for Clevertouch came during a training and development meeting for ACE's operations team, which included multiple divisions and locations. Meeting presenters were able to either email their presentation directly to Clevertouch or ACE was able to connect directly to their server to gather the presentation materials. The agenda for the meetings were scheduled in a way where there could be no downtime associated with flash drives, connecting various laptops or multiple user logins. Having the presentations on the Clevertouch panels helped with timeliness, making the event run ahead of schedule, concluded Cannon.

ACE noted that through Clevertouch's versatility and usability, the company's teams have been able to implement this technology within a very quick time frame, allowing increased productivity and better collaboration among their teams.

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