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Transforming Education with Advanced Technology

Rankin ISD has both a new middle school and a new high school, so it had an excellent opportunity to integrate advanced educational technology into its new facilities.

Type:Design and Integration
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Optimized Learning for Student and Teacher

Rankin ISD wanted technology that both teachers and students could utilize at a high level, and Data Projections had the optimal solution for their needs.


A Clever Method to Learn with Clevertouch

Clevertouch Clever Message is a built-in free app that through a cloud portal can send various announcements, alerts and messages to the Clevertouch Plus panel. With digital signage, Rankin ISD can involve its students in the learning process in a new way. 

Smart Products For A Bright Future

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From digital signage to classroom interactive displays, the Clevertouch ecosystem supports meaningful experiences for both learning and teaching.

Displays and Screens


How Rankin ISD Learning is Evolving with Technology and Digital Signage

Data Projections' choice technology for classroom lesson delivery is the Clevertouch Plus, and Rankin ISD found a lot to like in the advanced interactive display. In fact, Rankin ISD liked them so much that the district purchased 20 Clevertouch Plus displays for its middle and high school campuses. These were installed in classrooms and in public areas, which was an important decision on the district's part. Rankin ISD also wanted to use the displays as digital signage when not in use.

The Clevertouch Plus is an impressive piece of educational technology, so it's no surprise that Rankin ISD has realized strong returns from its implementation. The Clevertouch Plus gives teachers a plethora of tools for building lessons, encouraging student collaboration, and making learning more fun and engaging. Rankin ISD, with its mini media players, has enhanced the Clevertouch Plus further with digital signage capabilities that provide a new creative learning angle. The excellent response from students has encouraged Rankin ISD to invest in the Clevertouch interactive displays and its students even further.

Rankin ISD has since added four Clevertouch Plus displays to their elementary campuses and has intimated a desire to integrate more Clevertouch Plus displays into their educational facilities in the future, primarily targeting classrooms. Specifically, students can develop slideshows and their own presentation materials for use on the Clevertouch displays. 

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