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PSNI Affiliates

The Professional Systems Network International, or PSNI, was founded in 1986, and in the two decades since, it has become a valuable organization for integrators, equipment vendors and clients. Like many industry organizations, the PSNI seeks to lift the quality of service provided by its members, and to improve the reputation of A/V integrators worldwide. Unlike most organizations, though, the PSNI unites its members together in a way that encourages integrators to work together and strive for best practices in every situation. This approach is known as the PSNI's Enhanced Service Network, and it is something that every company considering A/V solutions should opt for.

What the PSNI Brings to Clients

The PSNI's Enhanced Service Network, or ESNet, guarantees that clients can get on point professional assistance with any A/V integration need, even if the proper solution would have to be executed at a national scale. That's because the ESNet provides the following:
  1. Coordination at the national level with PSNI's members, including deployment and project management. In other words, a company doesn't need to split its focus working with several integrators at once to outfit all of its locations with a single A/V solution.
  2. Partnerships with designers, architects, consultants and vendors. The PSNI has access to the best and brightest in the A/V integration industry, and this level of expertise is available throughout the U.S. and beyond, so companies don't have to worry about an uneven level of quality as they work through multiple integrators.
  3. Standardized wiring, programming and design at every company location. This means one A/V solution for all of the company's locations, no matter who provides the technology. Employees at one branch can move to another without requiring additional training for onsite technology.

Most PSNI members can also provide embedded personnel to manage crises and provide maintenance and preventative services.

All PSNI members are required to uphold the organization's industry values and vision. That vision includes:
  1. A focus on employee training and education. Members are expected to provide training resources to personnel, such as Infocomm's coursework. With certification, integrators provide more comprehensive solutions and limit the confusion clients experience on their end.
  2. An approach that always relies on best practices. Members are encouraged to consult with each other to improve their practices and ensure that clients are getting repeatable solutions no matter what member they work with.
  3. Only using A/V products from trusted vendors. The PSNI had designated a number of manufacturers and vendors as preferred partners, as these vendors have proven the quality of their product offerings. PSNI members are universally familiar with most of these vendors, ensuring that A/V solutions are repeatable in multiple locations.
  4. Taking environmental sustainability seriously. PSNI members are expected to opt for products that are both energy efficient and those that require minimal maintenance. Members are also expected to recycle equipment when possible and to always look for an alternative to sending equipment to the landfill.

More than 30 A/V integrators are part of the PSNI network, and Data Projections is proud to be among them. The PSNI's forward-thinking approach and focus on meeting client expectations dovetails closely with Data Projections' own vision, and with the PSNI's resources, Data Projections can provide a wealth of service to clients in any industry.