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The Problem

Aviall is a major, multinational aerospace manufacturing company that needed an advanced solution for its new training room. The room is intended for multipurpose functionality, so it must be easily and quickly configurable. In addition to quick configuration, the training room must provide access to intuitive controls and excellent connectivity, enabling trainers and their pupils to integrate their own devices into the presentation.

The Solution

Data Projections' solution for Aviall's training room needs was the company's choice. It starts with Crestron air wall sensors, which are placed around the room. The sensors detect occupancy and allow for instant room lighting, sound, temperature and device setup. In addition to Crestron air wall sensors, Data Projections installed a comprehensive array of audio and video technologies. Crestron touch screen controls give presenters precise management over the room's lighting and technology. There are two sources in the room, including a racked PC and an HDMI/VGA transmitter placed in the wall. Using one of three 86-inch Clevertouch displays in the room, users can either access room controls or present training media in a novel, engaging way. A Creston digital matrix provides the needed connectivity, with ready access to USB ports so meeting participants and trainers can plug in their device and control it from the Clevertouch with no resistance.

The installation is finished with Shure wireless combo microphones and JBL speakers, allowing for excellent audio quality.

The Result

Data Projections' solution emphasizes accessibility and ease of control. The combination of Crestron controls and Clevertouch displays makes for an excellent mix of accessibility and power, with trainers now capable of presenting intricately designed materials and media with little effort. The 4K, 86-inch displays are clearly visible from anywhere in the room, and audio has been designed around the room's acoustics, so presentation quality is optimized. With these improvements in place, Aviall can provide high quality training materials on any subject, with little prior setup required.