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DarkZero Esports

The Problem

DarkZero, a forward-thinking esports organization, is always looking for an edge over its competitors. Through advanced training and development methods, DarkZero prepares for every match meticulously. However, the team felt it could add to its competitive advantage further with help from Data Projections, Inc. (DPI). Specifically, DarkZero was looking for a better way to visualize strategy and pre-match scouting. The ideal solution would be easy and compelling to use and be built on open architecture to allow for future additions to the technology.

The Solution

Like most esports organizations, DarkZero practices at a dedicated facility, and to keep sharp, the team must train several hours daily. That's a lot of strategy to consider, and to deliver it all, DarkZero chose a Pro Series Clevertouch.

The Clevertouch provides a host of benefits to DarkZero, and is now prominently featured in the team™s primary training facility. The Clevertouch allows the team's coaches to attack strategy from any angle, with intuitive annotation and the ability to play any media on the display. With the Clevertouch's Super Glide Surface technology, DarkZero's coaches can precisely and clearly annotate over screenshots or videos. If DarkZero's coaches need to bring in other devices for training purposes, the Clevertouch provides excellent connectivity. Further, the Pro Series comes with an onboard i5 or i7 PC and a browser, so DarkZero can quickly gather additional training materials and match results.

The Clevertouch also provides the architecture flexibility that DarkZero is looking for, so it can factor into the team's training for many years to come.

The Result

DarkZero has received the Clevertouch well, according to the team's owner and CEO:

The Clevertouch performs beyond expectations and we find it be to incredibly versatile and practical. The thing we like about the Clevertouch is that it works with all of our other equipment. The competition demands you operate in their ecosystem, but not the Clevertouch. So, we use the annotation features for strategy, and we use the auxiliary inputs for monitoring game footage. We even use it to order food.

DarkZero has integrated the Clevertouch into its training, improving the effectiveness of practices and scrimmages. It can be used during or outside of practice, allowing DarkZero coaches to approach training any way they see fit. DarkZero is already a decorated esports club, with recent victories in North American Pro League. With the Clevertouch, the team is poised to continue its strong results well into the future.