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AV as a Service

Why AV as a Service?

As technology gets more complex and changes rapidly, more businesses are opting for AV as a Service (AVaaS)  for their hardware needs and have one convenient monthly payment, instead of paying a large lump sum upfront. There are no compromises on hardware or service quality. At Data Projections our AVaaS clients have access to current generation hardware and comprehensive service plans all while keeping their cash on hand.

It’s the power of AV, without the budget-disrupting cost.

AV as a Services  Definition of  Simply Connected

AV as a Service VS Lump Sum Purchase Infographic - Data Projections


Cash Flow Made Simple

Hold On To Cash that can be invested in expansion

Credit Lines Made Simple

Preserves bank lines, while creating a new credit source

Manage Risk Made Simple

Pay for equipment as you use it, generating profit

Budgeting Made Simple

Consistent monthly payments that allows for forecasting

Buying Power Made Simple

Allows for better technology all while staying within budget

Technology Made Simple

Easy to add-on or upgrade technology with minimal impact on monthly payment

Inflation Protection Made Simple

Hedge against inflation. Buy today’s technology with tomorrows dollars

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