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What Is An AV Control System & Why Is It Important?

The term A/V control system may not be a common household phrase but in the modern workplace, it is a vital piece of the productive pie. Conferences, board meetings, and more have moved into the digital age in full force. With the advent of applications that allow tablets, laptops, smartphones and more to connect via internet or satellite, taking advantage of video, audio, messaging, and other collaborative software means that meetings can extend beyond geographical locations and time zones. This technology has evolved to complement the way modern employees communicate and work. The workplace of today has been transformed into the office of tomorrow. As a result, technology such as interactive displays, advanced telephony, video communication, and more needs to work together seamlessly. That is where a central control is most useful.

What is an A/V Control System?

An A/V control system is the heart and brain of a collection of communication hardware and software that allows the operator to control each piece in tandem or individually. It is a real multi-tasking tool that functions to streamline the various commands that control the individual technology. Think of it as a sophisticated and innovative device that facilitates collaboration between the different hardware mechanisms, thereby facilitating collaborative efforts among employees and management. They can be used to run a single conference room or the entire office. A/V is an abbreviation for audiovisual technology. A/V systems can be comprised of an assortment of hardware that includes conference telephones, video cameras, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, computers, smartphones, tablets, wireless connectivity, and more. Many firms are beginning to see the value in incorporating a single control module. These systems are a smart and necessary investment for a business that relies on conferences and presentations as a matter of routine.

Why is a Control System Important?

The simple answer is that the system brings together the various technologies in use and runs them in a seamless manner. The idea is to keep the A/V control system as simple to use as possible. Control can be automated or run manually, and it should not be significantly hard to learn how to use. The user should not have to deal with a steep learning curve. The control interface should be intuitive, even for non-technical operators. Depending on the environment, the idea is to bring a user up to speed without a lot of training.

Advanced collaborative audiovisual systems need to be easy to use from a central location. It makes sense then to contact a company that specializes in design and integration to create the layout and program the equipment. As a premier full-service audio/visual communications firm, Data Projections assists in the choice, integration, and management of state-of-the-art communication and collaboration solutions and post-implementation support. Call them and an A/V control system expert will answer questions, make recommendations, and design and install the necessary equipment. For all of the advanced technology available, the key is to connect humans. Only then does true collaboration become possible.