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Control Systems

Control systems are the brains of the operation, giving users easy access to their A/V products and making it possible for people of any skill level to use the technology. What makes these interfaces work is their full customizability. They can be built with individual users in mind, give backend access to technical personnel, and automate a number of processes with a single button press. In short, a skilled integrator can set them up to do almost anything, and Data Projections can provide that skill for a client.

Control systems are an essential element of every A/V solution, and are the client’s access point into their A/V products. They are designed with a gentle learning curve in mind, and most people will have no trouble with them. In fact, these interfaces are similar to the remotes and interfaces that people use to operate their televisions, lighting, or sound equipment.

Data Projections can configure a client’s interface to a meticulous degree, including:

  • Enabling touch activation, removing the need to keep a mouse or pen handy. Touch interfaces typically mimic the controls used on smartphones, and are immediately understood by most users.
  • Creating custom profiles, which allows a client to assign admin privileges to certain personnel. This is usually granted to IT professionals or onsite A/V personnel and allows these experts to manage A/V product functions.
  • Setting up wireless or web-based interfaces. Control systems can be set up in an accessible location so that users can access the interface physically. Alternatively, they can be designed for wireless use, or even for use through a web platform, so they can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Single button operation for entering presentation mode. Adjusting the lighting, dropping the blinds, setting the volume, powering up multiple devices, playing media, configuring inputs and more can all be done with one button press. Data Projections can make entering presentation mode as streamlined or as detailed as need be.
We offer a diverse selection of control systems. Our high-performance solutions include control systems from some of the leaders in the industry, such as:

When it comes to A/V interfaces, the programming is just as important as the product itself, so a business will need an expert integrator and programmer they can trust. Data Projections has been building these interfaces for schools, businesses and government agencies for decades, and can configure an interface for any setting.