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Polycom Video/Audio Conferencing And Telepresence Solutions

Polycom offers the best video/audio conferencing and telepresence solutions in the industry, and they can do amazing things in the right hands. Face to face meetings are still the optimal approach to communications, as they encourage better cooperation and information recall. However, the rise of the global economy has made it difficult for companies to adhere to this concept without bleeding funds to travel. Fortunately, conferencing technology makes it possible to preserve that face to face experience without leaving the office, and Polycom solutions are the pinnacle of this technology.

Polycom video/audio conferencing and telepresence solutions are designed with efficiency and functionality in mind, so they can easily overcome difficult network conditions while delivering superior image quality. In some instances, the brand’s technology only requires half the bandwidth of competing products, ensuring a smooth experience every time.

Whether a company needs personal systems for their employees’ desktops, or a fully integrated and immersive system for group conferencing, Polycom has an option. This includes systems compatible with multiple deployment options, such as cloud services or premise-based installations.

The brand’s immersive telepresence systems, though, offer the most impressive application of conferencing technology on the market, and offer an incredible range of features. Some of them include:
  • Oversized digital displays that can be configured quickly for content sharing or other purposes. Polycom’s displays can output full 1080p60 HD video, which is the highest quality available in the industry.
  • Intelligent display and lighting placement, ensuring that everyone can be seen, even when large groups are present. Even lighting produces a consistent experience every time the system is utilized.
  • Seamless integration of cameras and microphones, so the technology never gets in the way of the conversation.
  • 3D Voice options, which is only available with Polycom’s immersive telepresence products. Superior to stereo audio, 3D Voice responds to audio input and precisely pinpoints it, allowing the system to accurately connect the speaker to their speech.
Data Projections can demo Polycom video/audio conferencing and telepresence solutions at your facility, or at our cutting edge showcase facility in Houston. Either option will allow company managers to see these impressive products in action.