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Although Data Projections now offers a great variety of A/V products, digital projectors remain an area of focus, as they can add another dimension to professional and educational settings alike. In any business or institution that values communications, outdated display technology simply won’t get the job done anymore. This is especially true in the classroom, where teachers are instructing students who are better engaged with up to date technology.

No matter the setting, whether in a tight meeting space or an expansive lecture hall, Data Projections has a system that can fit a client’s needs and budget. From economic portable systems to high resolution, state of the art systems, Data Projections has an option for everyone.
This includes models from respected brands, such as:

Epson, Panasonic, Christie Digital, Barco.

But why should a business or school consider these A/V products? In short, projectors produce an immediate impact and can greatly improve information delivery. Here are a few benefits a system can offer:
  • Greatly improved image quality and clarity – Students and employees undergoing training will need to focus on the system for long periods of time. The superior image quality will reduce eye strain and ensure better information delivery.
  • A new way of organizing lessons – These systems are connected to a PC and display anything on the computer’s desktop. As such, teachers and trainers can show things that would normally only be accessible via a computer. This includes videos, animations, and software that can aid in a variety of lessons.
  • Access to endless content – A PC connection also enables teachers to access the internet through the system, opening up many lesson opportunities.
  • Ease of use – This technology is intuitive and the learning curve can be worked through in a couple hours.

At their core, A/V products like digital projectors are about improving communications, and these systems provide unparalleled visuals in any space.