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Video/Audio Conferencing

Video and audio conferencing have made huge strides in recent years, and companies no longer consider them to be just a novelty. They now represent important components in a company’s communications, and can change the way a business or school approaches operations. Like with most A/V technology though, teleconferencing systems have to be customized to the client to ensure they get what they need. Data Projections specializes in building targeted solutions for each of its clients, assessing their needs and matching those needs to the right equipment, software, and interfaces.

There are numerous benefits to adopting video and audio conferencing solutions, and with Data’s commitment to ongoing support following installation, there is little risk involved.

Consider the significant improvements a system can make to a business or school:

  • Modern A/V technology mostly eliminates the need for travel, which can greatly reduce operating expenses and time.
  • Quality displays, cameras, speakers and microphones can mimic the experience of conversing face to face, encouraging cooperation and better communication between involved parties.
  • This technology can provide incredible educational experiences for students, such as connecting to classrooms around the world, going on virtual tours of famous places, or facilitating a conversation between students and respected experts.
  • Internal communications can be improved as well, allowing critical personnel to communicate from their desks at a moment’s notice. No longer will time be wasted rounding everyone up into a single room.
  • A/V systems make content sharing and presentation easier and more effective, allowing presenters to share any form of media.
  • Teleconferencing systems deliver a strong impression to partners and clients, helping the company or school present themselves as a respectable, forward-thinking organization.

We offer a diverse selection of video and audio conferencing products. Our high-performance solutions include video and audio conferencing systems from some of the leaders in the industry, such as:

Polycom, Skype for Business, Cisco, Lifesize

Communications are a growing focus for businesses and educational institutions, and Data Projections can provide a video and audio conferencing solution that will remain viable for many years to come.