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Polycom Video/Audio Conferencing And Telepresence Solutions

Polycom video and audio conferencing and telepresence solutions are ideal for enhancing corporate communications. For decades, Polycom has had a single mission in mind to improve the way professionals, teams and entire businesses talk to each other. Communication is a crucial element of productive companies, but it is tough to organize, difficult to visualize and tiring to stay on top of. Managing internal communications is something that demands thorough oversight and dedication, but it will take more than that.
Modern conferencing and collaboration demands modern technological solutions, and Polycom is the first name in communication technology. Polycom has an impressive history of developing leading edge solutions in this area, but its current offerings are impressive in another way as well. Specifically, these solutions are designed to fit into any space and any meeting, with everything from mobile conferencing solutions to high-powered, immersive telepresence systems.

A closer look at Polycom's solutions

Polycom is the master of voice and video and brings strong product versatility to the market. As such, most companies can find a Polycom solution that will satisfy both its needs and its budget. Here's a more comprehensive breakdown of what Polycom offers:
1. Mobile solutions - Polycom's RealPresence Mobile is an enterprise-grade collaboration application that is intended for large scale operations. It is ideal for professionals and teams that constantly find themselves in transit, and for those times when a room or group system is available, the RealPresence Mobile can step up its functionality.
The RealPresence Mobile is available for Android or iOS and can be used for a variety of tasks. It is powerful enough to allow for simultaneous video calls and whiteboarding, and so simple that users can begin a video call by just tapping a name or virtual meeting room. Polycom was careful to ensure complete interoperability across every conceivable unified communications solution, and it is highly scalable as well, capable of serving a community of up to 50,000 users.
RealPresence Mobile can even be used to control a room system remotely. This is most impressive when SmartPairing is enabled. With SmartPairing, all a RealPresence Mobile user needs to do is enter a room with a Polycom room-based system, and the call is immediately transferred to the room system. No delays, no confusion.
2. Audio conferencing solutions - The Polycom Trio 8800 is the current iteration of its extremely popular line of conference phones. It is designed for large conference rooms and comes with a 20-foot pickup range, so audio quality is never a concern. Polycom's noise reduction and blocking technology has long been the best in the business, and its NoiseBlock comes packaged with the Trio 8800.
The Trio 8800 is designed with a 5-inch color touch display and is optimized for Microsoft applications like Skype for Business, so the interface will be immediately familiar for anyone with experience in the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Exchange integration drives this further, as meetings can be kicked off by selecting a scheduled event and hitting the join button. It's true one touch join capability.
It's an ideal solution for companies that require intermittent collaboration with remote team members, but don't want to invest heavily in conferencing solutions.
3. Group and room solutions - Polycom's room solutions are the workhorses of its product portfolio, as they can fit into most conference and meeting spaces with little difficulty. In other words, they are the most adaptable. Among the company's many room conferencing solutions, Polycom's Group 500 and Centro are two worth highlighting.
The Group 500 is the only standards-based group video conferencing system on the market that is certified with Skype for Business and Office 365. This level of involvement in Microsoft's software suite means there is no interruption when utilizing Skype through the Group 500, even when connecting to teams outside of the organization. Content is sent and received in 1080p60 quality, and media sharing is made simple, either through the use of an HDMI or VGA port, or wirelessly. Consider Polycom Pano for up to four-person, wireless collaboration.
What makes the Group 500 work as a room solution is the ability to configure cameras and accessories to a space. Polycom offers several camera options, including its EagleEye Producer, EagleEye Director II and the EagleEye IV. Polycom's cameras are built with sophisticated face recognition and speaker tracking technology, so whoever is talking is always brought front and center.
The Polycom Centro is a unique take on video conferencing. Instead of the traditional flat panel display, facing one side of the room, the Centro is a central hub with multiple displays. When installed in the middle of a room, it can achieve a full 360-degree view of everything, so people can sit around the Centro and actively be part of the meeting. The Centro's layout encourages people to remain face to face, keeping meeting engagement high. The Centro, like Polycom's other conferencing solutions, plays nice with other devices, allowing meeting participants to connect to the device wirelessly, or through the Centro's many ports.
4. Immersive telepresence solutions - Polycom's immersive telepresence solutions, and specifically its RealPresence Immersive Studio, is the pinnacle of conferencing technology. Immersive telepresence is designed for organizations that require seamless communication between teams and with important parties outside of the organization. Companies that regularly conference with partners or clients rely on their technology to positively impact and uphold their reputation. The RealPresence Immersive Studio will always make a positive first impression.
The RealPresence Immersive Studio is integrated into the room, turning it into a true conferencing theater. On one side of the room is a set of three 84-inch displays, each capable of outputting in 4K Ultra HD. This comes out to a full 18-foot media wall. A fourth, 55-inch screen is a dedicated monitor used for presenting media. Content sharing is even more flexible when managed through the RealPresence Content Sharing Suite, especially when managing multipoint calls.
The RealPresence Immersive Studio emphasizes seamlessness, with excellent interoperability and Polycom's 3D Voice. With 3D Voice, audio is delivered with pinpoint precision, as the system detects the speaker and zones the audio so that it sounds like it's coming right out of the person's mouth. It's a much more accurate measure of outputting audio than stereo spatial technology.
Polycom's video and audio conferencing and telepresence solutions are the industry's gold standard. That's because Polycom's technology prioritizes functionality, picture and audio quality, and usability. That's a compelling package for businesses of any size and in any industry.