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Video Streaming

Harness the Power of Live A/V Products and Video Streaming

Your audience insists on a picture-perfect streaming video experience anywhere and anytime, regardless of the device that they are using. Delivering broadcast quality video, either via streaming or on demand, throughout your organization is an essential element in keeping your information-hungry management, employees, and clients connected, engaged, informed, and inspired.

If your requirements include live webcasting, customer support, computer-based training, streaming video, PowerPoint videos, video e-mail, or webinars, you can take advantage of Data Projection’s dependable video streaming products. We will help you bring your communication capabilities to the next level, delivering content efficiently to both large and small audiences using a diversity of devices over varying bandwidth, without encumbering data connections.

As well as offering video streaming solutions that deliver live content or video on demand (VOD) regardless of bandwidth, Data Projections can implement a custom design that will help you to build a flexible and efficient content delivery network (CDN) for your organization.

Live Streaming/Video on Demand

Broadcast, monitor, and record live video streams, as well as on-demand video. Our A/V products video streaming technology delivers video on demand over any protocol and to any screen, including smartphones, tablets, computers, set-top boxes, HD television, and more.

Content Management, Secure Delivery, and Controlled Distribution

A/V products video streaming delivers high-quality live and on-demand video to audiences, via the Internet, internally and externally while managing user access, managing permissions, and managing assets. You can centrally integrate all of your video sources, video conferencing, and communications. Distribute content securely through Https and authentication based IP restriction protection. Discover next-generation enterprise solutions that offer:
  • Unrestricted scalability
  • Flexibility in deployment
  • Super-fast performance
  • A significant reduction in implementation and maintenance costs
  • A reduction in operational costs and increased redundancy
  • Dynamic interfaces
  • Ease of use
  • On-premises deployment of management systems
We offer a diverse selection of video streaming products. Our high-performance solutions include video streaming technology from some of the leaders in the industry, such as:

The use of A/V products video streaming breaks down geographic boundaries and eliminates geographic distances. Video is everywhere. It is a substantial part of doing business and the new foundation for communication. What are your specific streaming goals? Do you want your video content seen? Data Projections can help you reach the people in your target demographic. Contact us for a custom video streaming implementation plan. Data Projections offers broadcast quality that spans all networks.