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St. Mark Catholic School

The Problem

St. Mark has already distinguished itself as a two-time recipient of the U.S. Department of Education's National Blue Ribbon Award and has received a rare nomination for a third. It is one of Texas' most innovative schools, with an interactive SmartLab on its campus designed to engage students with the technology used in many advanced disciplines, including robotics, digital animation, medicine, data analysis and software engineering. St. Mark was looking for a new way to take their lesson engagement to the next level. Adding to this impressive range of technologies was a challenge, but Data Projections had the perfect solution.

The Solution

St. Mark Catholic School is a leader in elementary and middle school education, always ready to adopt a new technology that could help its students and teachers. ClassVR, an emerging option in classroom virtual reality (VR), is its newest educational tool.

Data Projections provided 12 sets of ClassVR headsets, along with the technology's award-winning software to St. Mark. ClassVR implementation began in the summer of 2019 prior to the school year and was ready for use once students returned to school in August. During the summer, Data Projections set up the technology and trained teachers on its use, so they could begin VR-focused lessons right away.

With 12 sets of ClassVR headsets, more than a hundred students can utilize the technology at once.

The Result

With ClassVR, students can travel anywhere in the world (and beyond) to expand their horizons and learn things that would be difficult to grasp from a textbook. St. Mark Catholic School teachers and students are already making use of ClassVR in this way, and the school is excited about the technology's potential.

For example, the teachers have used ClassVR to place their students in other parts of the world, including some of the world's forests to experience what autumn is like around the globe and then write descriptive paragraphs about what they see. St. Mark teachers will also be able to use ClassVR to reinforce the school's SmartLab curriculum, as ClassVR comes with 3D engineering and machinery content.

With ClassVR, St. Mark Catholic School is bringing the future of education into the classroom, so its students are ready for their future beyond the classroom.