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TX Mortgage Company

The Situation

A Texas-based mortgage company struggled with its conferencing capabilities, especially in its executive board room. Of particular note was the poor sound quality in the space, which frequently resulted in calls that were either too loud or too soft. The lack of proper volume control made it difficult for call participants to follow speakers, as the system would often cause squealing feedback.

The Solution

Data Projections, Inc. (DPI) identified their client's problem as one of poorly optimized technology. The goal, from DPI's perspective, was to produce zoned audio conferencing, meaning the audio is delivered exactly where it needs to be, at exactly the volume and quality it needs to be at. To accomplish this, DPI focused on digital signal processing (DSP) and new audio solutions to better handle audio inputs and outputs. In all DPI integrated 20 amplifier channels into the room and a set of narrow beam speakers to deliver output in precise fashion. DPI also installed 28 unidirectional microphones, one for each board member and designed for discreetness and with unidirectional capabilities. This ensures that each microphone only picks up the speaker's audio.

During operation, microphone inputs are routed into a pair of DSP cores installed in the conference table. The DSP cores process the information produced by the microphones and deliver them in 20 separate zones, using the narrow beam speakers.

The DSPs are built with automatic echo cancellation (AEC), improving audio quality further. All of the solution's components are maintained through DPI's GOLD+ Service, which allows for remote management and monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In the vast majority of instances, if there are any issues with the client's technology, DPI can resolve the issue by logging in remotely.

The Result

As a result of the new technology and focus on zoning audio, the mortgage company's executive board room can serve as a fully functioning conferencing space. With DPS improvements and better microphone placement, the system is able to identify the speaker's voice from surrounding ambient audio, eliminating the latter and ensuring the speaker is heard clearly. The system can amplify quiet speakers to a comfortable 50db and remove annoying sounds, such as papers shuffling or people shifting in their chairs. AEC technology has removed any echo on the call and feedback is now nonexistent.

Unsurprisingly, the mortgage company's first calls with the newly implemented solution were considered an overwhelming success.