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Finding Control Room Solutions For Your Company

Data Projections is a leader in providing control room solutions for a variety of environments. For real-time distribution of information, they believe there is no limit to the type of configurations that can be created and implemented. Virtually any data can be transmitted from one room to another, or one place to numerous locations around the world, and it can be shown on any display. Security protocols can be installed on private networks so that sensitive information is protected. Any firm that needs to disseminate information quickly and efficiently in a collaborative manner can benefit from this type of control room setup. Information can be shared between departments in the marketplace, or classrooms on a college campus. Medical information can be shared within a single hospital or on a global level. The possibilities are endless.

Seamless Data Streaming

Combining data across multiple platforms makes for smart sharing. The ability to share video, audio, documents, and real-time communications, create a more energetic working environment. Data Projectionsā€™ control room solutions create tremendous flexibility over what and how information is shared, and with what target audience. Information gathering, monitoring, and sharing are more vital than ever before. Take the information to a single desktop or millions of people via audio/visual asset management, video conferencing, data streaming, digital signage, and more. Engage customers, students, board members, the medical community, and law enforcement with maximum impact. Communications within the healthcare industry, retail, government, broadcast entertainment and news, corporate America, and higher learning can and will be revolutionized with the right technology, and Data Projections can provide the perfect solutions with unmatchable expertise.