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Decision Makers Are Flipping Over The Samsung Flip

Technology moves quickly, and things are constantly evolving for the better. But in some applications, simple is simply better. Samsung has recognized that with its entry into the interactive white board market. As some manufacturers are creating intensive applications designed to help businesses and boardrooms, in a simple conference room or meeting setting the features can be overwhelming, and it’s easier to break out the old flip chart and a few markers. Enter Samsung. The Flip is perfect in many situations and modernizes the flipchart or dry erase whiteboard, but still leaves the user with the same pen to paper experience in both look and feel of a flip chart. Writing on the board is smooth and easy to do and includes a variety of colors. Pages can be easily added, and mistakes erased with a swipe of a hand. Gone are the days of unsightly scribbles to cover mistakes or tearing off pages because of a mistake or two. The Flip also has the perfect amount of technology with a USB and HDMI input that will allow a laptop or tablet, as well as a USB Storage device to be added. And with wireless screen mirroring, you can easily display and annotate in real time. Adding to the look and feel of paper is the InGlass touch display technology that gives instantaneous feedback so that the user’s experience is smooth and equal to writing or drawing on paper. Additionally, there can be up to four people using the device simultaneously to allow for maximum collaboration on its 55” screen, which maximizes visibility to any team.

Why Executives Love the Flip

We have had many executives try the Flip and the feedback is consistent.

1. The learning curve was small. Our executives were able to quickly pick up how to use the Flip. In most cases, it was as simple as picking up the pencil and writing on the screen. Changes were easy to execute.

The Flip is not intimidating, and it was easy to walk right up to and start a presentation.

2. Our Executives that work with training adults saw many uses for the Flip. The board is thin and nimble. Being it’s mounted on wheels it is easy to roll in and use in any setting and is as simple as plugging it into a wall outlet. It also changes from portrait to landscape, making it easy to use as a flip chart or white board when teaching. It can transform on the fly.

3. The feel of working with it mimics paper without the annoying issues like mistakes, scribbles, and markers that never seem to work, or dry erase boards that don’t seem to erase.

4. The 55” screen is easy to see, and images can be resized so the whole room can easily see. Presentations from laptops can be easily displayed on screen and presented to a group, and with screen mirroring, outside resources are always as close as your laptop or tablet. This makes expounding on examples and going off script when appropriate, easy to do.

In all cases the simple fact that the Flip was not intimidating and easy to use made it an instant winner in the minds of the executives. Coupled with an aggressive price point, the Flip is the clear winner in this space if what you are needing is a no gimmick whiteboard with the ability to present and interact with your own files. Samsung has identified a part of the market that was not being served and has flipped the conversation to a perfect solution.