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What Are The Uses & Benefits Of A Digital Billboard

A digital billboard is one of the most promising new trends in advertising, and it offers excellent utility to all kinds of organizations, and even government entities. What makes these large LED displays so useful is their versatility and responsiveness. An LED display can be updated in real time and present an endless array of designs, giving display owners and advertisers excellent tools for producing an amenable relationship. And, of course, consumers respond to these displays extremely well, with industry surveys determining that about 90 percent of drivers and pedestrians notice them. At its core, a digital billboard is just a giant LED display, which means it can do things like display multiple advertisements at once, cycle through a series of advertisements, or be programmed to only display certain advertisements at certain times. This last option is essential to a highly effective form of outreach known as time-sensitive advertising. For example, a radio station might advertise their morning show while people are commuting to work, and advertise their evening show when people leave for work, and use the same display to do it. Perhaps most importantly, though, is that these displays can be used to display Amber alerts and emergency warnings. Cities can take this approach, for example, to alert drivers to major accidents or disasters, and suggest alternate routes to save lives or time. This technology will become the standard as time goes on, but forward-thinking businesses and municipalities can take advantage of its novelty now and improve their outreach greatly.