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Finding Video Conference Hardware For Your Business

Polycom is setting the pace for video conference hardware

For decades, Polycom has developed video conference hardware and leading communications solutions for corporate clients. Though the industry is competitive, Polycom’s strong global presence makes it one of the most trusted names in video conferencing. The company’s hardware products offer a compelling collaboration experience and are easy to use. Its proprietary features enhance conferencing quality and stability. Its expertise in the video conference hardware field is unmatched. In short, Polycom is the industry leader.

What are some of Polycom’s innovative products and solutions?

Polycom’s video conference hardware solutions are the most sophisticated and best designed available, and that is largely due to the company’s commitment to innovating. That drive to innovate goes back more than 25 years, and today, the company is still at the forefront of audio and video conferencing technology. Here’s a few examples of how Polycom has pushed the industry forward:

1. The Polycom Trio – The Trio remains one of Polycom’s most important and innovative products. Since its debut in 2015, the Trio has received a lot of attention for its combination of crystal-clear audio and easy to use video conferencing capabilities. Because Polycom is a dedicated Microsoft partner, Polycom has developed a Trio package that leverages the best of Skype for Business. With this degree of integration, your employees can quickly learn how the Trio works in a conferencing environment they are already familiar with.

The Trio has a 20-foot pickup range, so it can fit in nearly any meeting or boardroom. It is also designed with Polycom’s many conferencing quality-of-life innovations, including its NoiseBlock technology.

The Trio’s vivid 5-inch display allows for easy video collaboration or content sharing, and the interface is designed to mimic the best of mobile interfaces. In short, your team will pick it up in no time. Pair the Trio with Polycom’s EagleEye cameras, and you’ll have a comprehensive video conferencing solution that is also affordable.

2. The Polycom RealPresence Centro – Polycom has developed an array of video conferencing solutions, but its RealPresence Centro may be the most inspiring.

The RealPresence Centro takes the typical video conference solution and turns it on its head. Where most video conferencing displays are installed on a wall or mounted to a cart or platform, the RealPresence Centro is designed to float in the middle of a collaborative space. It can be used as a 360-degree video conferencing platform, with displays facing every direction. This allows meeting members to pull up a chair around the Centro and join the meeting in a relaxed, organic way.

The RealPresence Centro is also capable of capturing video in 360 degrees, so no matter where meeting members walk, stand or sit, they will remain on camera. Making it easier is Polycom’s EagleEye cameras, which can track people intelligently, so collaboration happens naturally, without any interruptions from the technology.

Of course, the Centro also makes connecting and content sharing easy. With an intuitive touch interface, integration with Microsoft Office and Polycom Pano (which allows for Miracast or Airplay), meeting members can progress through meeting materials without a hitch and without user frustration. Half of the battle with technology is getting people to use it, but that’s an easy battle to win with the RealPresence Centro, because it enables collaboration in a way that most people will find compelling.

3. Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence – Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence is the pinnacle of video conference hardware technology and is an innovation worth pointing out. Immersion is the major point of design with Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence. Although Polycom can customize its Immersive Telepresence systems to a considerable degree, the standard design is a three-display layout, with cameras and speakers integrated into the room for maximum coverage. Polycom’s immersive systems can be pieced together with 55-inch or 84-inch displays, with the latter providing enough visual fidelity to present spreadsheets on.

Immersion, again, is the standout trait here. There’s no fiddling with microphones or cameras, and the system responds to people in the room, so it can establish a connection on command or as soon as someone walks in the space.

Some of Polycom’s more impressive innovations are on display with its Immersive Telepresence systems. For example, Polycom’s 3D Voice instantly detects who is speaking in the room, and frames them on the display so that they are heard. As Polycom has designed 3D Voice specifically for meeting rooms, it outperforms standard stereo audio in this regard.

A smart addition or two can enhance an Immersive Telepresence system further. For instance, Polycom’s VisualBoard technology, when paired with a large interactive display, gives meeting members a large workspace to deliver meeting materials, share media and annotate when necessary. Polycom’s Content Sharing Suite is another effective addition, allowing meeting members to share content with nearly any device, such as a laptop browser.

Polycom’s innovations don’t stop at hardware, either, as it has developed a range of features that make operating a Polycom system as simple as possible. Consider its SmartPairing technology, which automatically connects a Polycom conferencing system with a user’s device, as soon as they enter the room. Once connected, the user can send a video call on their device to the Polycom display, merely by dragging the conference window toward the display. It’s intuitive and extremely efficient. Other innovations include Polycom’s Acoustic Fence, which automatically detects audio outside of the meeting space and suppresses it, so people on the other side of the call don’t hear it. Similar principles apply to Polycom’s NoiseBlock technology, which detects common conference call disruptions, like finger tapping or rustling paper, and cancels them out so they don’t distract anyone on the call. There’s plenty more innovations under Polycom’s belt, which is what you would expect from one of the most respected names in conferencing technology. With leading edge design, deep insight into what their clients need and unfaltering insight, Polycom is the king of video conference hardware solutions.