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How The Clever Message App Can Improve A School Or Business

Instant, clear communication with the Clever Message App

The Clevertouch is already a clear winner in lesson and presentation delivery, and the Clever Message app is making relaying messages even faster. When education or commercial institutions integrate the Clevertouch into their operations, they often set up several of the panels around the facility, perhaps one in every classroom or meeting room. With a network of interactive flat panels in place, they have considerable potential in delivering important communications to many groups at once. Since Clever Message is included in all Clevertouch purchases, your investment is enriched with a practical application that all institutions are considering for digital signage. This is the thinking behind the Clever Message app, which has been designed collaboratively between Clevertouch and its technology partner, SedaoLive. With Clever Message, entire networks of panels can be quickly and easily utilized to display any message, along with many other forms of content. SedaoLive’s web-based solution allows for the administrator to easily drop content on panels from any location. Clever Message has some obvious applications in emergency communications, branding and public announcements, making it an effective fit for any client, whether educational or professional.

Why should schools and businesses consider the Clever Message app?

There are already numerous messaging applications available to interactive flat panels like the Clevertouch, so what makes Clever Message a must have? The answer’s simple. Clever Message provides the combined functionality of most popular messaging applications, integrates it with a simple drag-and-drop interface and is designed for the Clevertouch, so it works faster and more reliably than any third-party application. As Clever Message can be used for emergency communications should an urgent situation develop, that faster and more reliable operation may prove crucial. Here's a closer look at what the Clever Message app does:

1. Allows for instant communication to any networked Clevertouch – The foundation to Clever Message is the ability to send messages to any Clevertouch screen. This can be something as simple as a basic box of text, or can include additional media like sound, images or video. Additional media is helpful in attracting attention, such as playing an alert tone when sending an emergency message. If something more simple needs to be put together it can be done and sent in seconds.

2. Build message layouts in advance and use them when needed – If a new layout had to be generated every time a message needed to be sent out, this would make for an inefficient and cumbersome approach. Fortunately, Clever Message gives users a robust set of options in developing layouts and saving them for future use. Anyone familiar with digital signage technology will be at home here. With Clever Message, users can select from a deep reservoir of layout templates, quickly select colors, add logos or other images, integrate videos and other forms of media, pull directly from the web or play a PowerPoint slideshow. Once a layout is built, it can be pulled at any time for use.

3. Simplifies things with a drag-and-drop interface – The Clever Message app interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible, so anyone can handle it easily. What makes Clever Message truly clever is that a message or layout can be sent to a Clevertouch by dragging the desired message to its destination. Users are given a clean graphical representation of the facility’s Clevertouch panels, so it is clear which layout is going where. Just grab the message, drag it to the Clevertouch you want to send it to and voila! It’s already there.

4. Provides an opportunity to deliver other forms of content – Clever Message is not just a tool for instant, direct messaging. It can also be used to rotate other sources of content, like RSS feeds, weather reports and social media accounts. This can be useful for any company that needs constant updates on market or weather conditions. It’s also useful for universities, schools and any other institution that wants to keep people informed of current events.

5. Can be used to set up content delivery schedules – In addition to setting up layouts prior to their use, Clever Message app users can program which layouts are presented and when, which Clevertouch will see those layouts, and when they are to be switched out. For example, perhaps a school wants to always display morning announcements at a certain time, then switch over to the day’s lunch menu or upcoming athletic events later in the day. When major state testing is coming up or a holiday approaches, Clever Message can remind students and faculty of those events.

This can all be managed in advance. Users define a series of layouts that rotate periodically during a particular timeframe. This can be transmitted over a single screen or multiple screens. During that period of time, only those layouts will be displayed. When the next time block comes up, a new set of layouts are rotated in. This can be programmed by the day, the week, the month or any frame of time.

6. Group Clevertouch panels together for ease of message delivery – The Clever Message app can be used on the property’s premises or remotely, and users can divide networked panels into any number of functional groups. So some displays can be set to a certain set of prebuilt layouts, while others are running a different set of layouts simultaneously. Clever Message makes this easy to handle by allowing users to split the available panels so every group of displays can be managed independently of one another, and with the same speed and efficiency as working with a single Clevertouch.

Further, Clever Message allows supervisors or admins to assign certain personnel or departments to a particular Clevertouch grouping. This is ideal for universities, where it’s impractical for a single person or department to control messaging across the entire campus. Instead, permissions are given to each department to build their own messaging, which makes sense given the difference in testing dates, events and building layouts.

The Clever Message app is a smart, pragmatic application for any institution that understands the value of easy, consistent communication.