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What Makes a Great Interactive Flat Panel?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are dozens of interactive flat panels on the market, but not all are backed with quality engineering, features, and collaboration solutions. The top displays, like the Clevertouch, bring all three together. With this excellent, comprehensive design, the Clevertouch is a leading piece of technology in both the classroom and the boardroom. Here, we'll go over what makes the Clevertouch and other leading options a good fit for students, educators, and professionals.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

What Features Should Companies Look For In Their Interactive Flat Panels?

In corporate settings, professionals need a lot from their collaborative technology. The speed of the modern economy necessitates it. This need extends to interactive flat panels, which must offer several benefits to professional teams. For example, you'll want the following in your company's interactive flat panels:
  • Comes with hardware for video conferencing capabilities - Modern professionals spend a lot of time in remote and hybrid meetings. That being the case, you'll want a panel that's ready for video conferencing solutions right out of the box. The Clevertouch, for instance, comes with built-in speakers and a microphone. It's also easy to pair with an external camera, so it's simple to run video conferences using your favorite conferencing solution, like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.
  • A variety of screen sizes available in 4K resolution - The size of the flat panel's screen has a major impact on how visible it is from a distance. In large meeting spaces, you'll need a big screen to account for the greater distance between participants and the display. The Clevertouch UX Pro, designed for the office, is available in four sizes (55", 65", 75" and 86"). All four sizes are built with a 4K resolution screen.
  • An intuitive operating system - The easier it is to operate the display, the better. Users vary greatly in their skill level and comfort with technology, so the display should be simple to operate right away. The Clevertouch operating system is based off of the popular Android OS, so it functions like a large smartphone. Student, teacher or professional, it's the kind of OS anyone can walk up to and start using.
  • Simple connectivity for employee devices - Increasingly, professionals expect to connect their own device to the room's presentation hardware. Doing so allows for easier, faster, and more comfortable meetings. There are multiple ways to connect to the Clevertouch. Users can do it through the Clevershare app or with the Clevershare dongle, which allows for one-button connectivity.
  • Extensive whiteboard functionality - Onboard whiteboarding software facilitates collaboration and gets everyone involved in the meeting. Whiteboarding software differs significantly from one display to the next. The Clevertouch's Lynx is its primary whiteboarding software and is designed for more effective meetings. With Lynx, users can use the onboard browser to grab content from online, whether it's images, videos, or other media.
  • Built-in digital signage tools - If your interactive display can double as digital signage, it can be used for brand reinforcement or communicating important information. Not all flat panels are designed for this, but the Clevertouch can be deployed in a digital signage mode when it's not being used in its primary role.
  • Extended warranty and reduced failure rate - Ideally, your interactive flat panel should work for years before replacement is needed. To ensure this, the display should be protected with an extended warranty. The Clevertouch comes with such a warranty, which lasts up to five years. Coupled with the display's quality build and low failure rate, the Clevertouch is a low-risk solution.

What Are Important Features For Classroom Interactive Panels?

Interactive touch panel technology is a perfect fit for educational settings, as long as it comes with the right feature set. This is what to look for in an educational flat panel:
  • Durable build for active classrooms – Classrooms can be very busy and active, and in order to protect your school's AV investment, the flat panel should be fortified for high energy users. The Clevertouch includes a thick layer of safety glass that resists shattering and puncturing in even the most energetic classrooms.
  • Enhanced connectivity for many devices - Interactive displays make classrooms a hub for collaboration. That's because with the Clevershare, for instance, up to 50 students can connect to the display at once. That way, students can present as groups and from their own devices at their desks.
  • Strong educational software offerings - Any display built for educational purposes is only as effective as its educational software. This part of the package is frequently overlooked by some display brands, but that's not the case with the Clevertouch. In addition to Lynx, the Clevertouch also comes with Snowflake (which allows for personalized learning and multiple learning zones) and the Cleverstore. Through the Cleverstore, teachers can access a wealth of free apps that can be adapted for more interesting lessons.

A Few More Reasons Why Clevertouch Is a Leader in Interactive Flat Panels

There's a lot to like about the Clevertouch, but even all of the above doesn't cover it completely. If you're still not sure what makes it one of the best interactive flat panels available, here are some more features to consider:
  • Zero bonded glass display - Most interactive panels contain an air gap between the outer layer of glass and the interactive layer that sits underneath. This gap reduces touch responsiveness, but the Clevertouch is built without it. The result is a more accurate and more responsive interactive screen.
  • Better speakers and USB connectivity - The Clevertouch is also built with a pair of 15W speakers and some with a subwoofer, which provide richer audio. Compare this to the typical display, which only comes with lesser watt speakers and without a subwoofer.
  • Improved response time - On average, an interactive display provides an 8.5ms response time. However, the Clevertouch is significantly better with a response time of 5ms. That may not seem like a big difference, but it's noticeable for detailed handwriting purposes.
  • Expanded RAM and ROM - The Clevertouch also comes with additional RAM (6GB vs 4GB) and ROM (64GB vs 32GB), compared to the typical interactive flat panel. The extra memory means better performance and more storage for software.

A Certified Integrator Can Set Up The Best Interactive Flat Panel For Your Needs

Solutions like the Clevertouch are more than mere interactive screens. They're comprehensive educational solutions that drive engagement (for professionals and students) and makes for more interesting presentations. In the classroom or meeting room, an interactive flat panel can act as the focal point, but only if it's installed and configured properly. These are services a certified AV integrator can provide, but an integrator can do much more. A trusted AV team can also determine which flat panel model is best for your application and maintain the solution for years of use.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]