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Digital Displays and Screens for Modern Communication

Unlock the power of visual communication with digital displays and screens, empowering you to effectively convey ideas and concepts to students, employees or potential customers.

A large wall screen with a crisp picture of a butterfly on a flower on it

Cutting-Edge Audio Conferencing for Seamless Collaboration

A teacher using a Data Projections portable display as a whiteboard to teach class

Interactive and Non-Interactive Displays

Ideal for both K-12 use as well as corporate collaborative efforts due to their flexibility.

A control room set up with Extron control systems

Video Walls

Whether a traditional LCD or LED video wall, these solutions have become more popular in Command Centers, Event spaces and retail stores.  

A digital sign hanging in the foyer of a business talking about low voltage solutions for the oil and gas industry

Digital Signage

 A proven attention-grabbing technology. Digital signage display is versatile and easy to manage, whether deployed indoors or outdoors.

The Best Manufacturers of Digital Displays and Screens

Data Projections works with several manufacturers to provide quality digital displays and screens. Among them are Samsung, Planar Systems, Clevertouch and ViewSonic, and their product offerings include:

Capturing Attention and Presenting Information Like No Other

Experience the unparalleled power of captivating attention and delivering information with unmatched precision. 

  • Digital menus
  • Branding
  • Improved advertising
  • Wayfinding
  • Office announcements
  • Device connectivity

A large Data Projections display screen in a mall

Leading the Way: Our Partners in Visual Solutions

Data Projections works with several manufacturers to provide quality digital displays and screens.

ACE Energy Solutions logo

Tailored Connectivity Upgrade for ACE Energy

Recognizing the need for an upgrade in connectivity technology to foster seamless collaboration among its teams, the company turned to Data Projections (DPI) for a tailored solution. DPI conducted a thorough assessment of Ace's offices and crafted a customized plan centered around Clevertouch interactive flat panels.

Read the ACE Energy Case Study Here

Unlocking Visual Potential with Digital Displays and Screens

Digital displays and screens put the visual in audio/visual, which makes them essential when trying to communicate an idea or concept with students, employees or potential customers. Most industries recognize the incredible potential of digital display technology, as it can be deployed in an array of creative applications.

Indoor to outdoor signage and everywhere in between

LED and LCD technology fuel modern displays and make this versatility possible. As such, every reputable display manufacturer relies on them.

Revolutionizing Visual Communication LED Screen at a Time

In the battle between print advertising and digital signage, digital signage is paving the way for change. There is just too much going on for digital signage for companies to rely on anything else. Vibrant imagery, new layouts with a single button press, remote signage management, excellent durability, targeted advertising capabilities, apps that enhance the display's functionality, novel ways of engaging an audience and just an all-around visual punch. Nothing else comes close to digital displays and screens in their ability to draw attention and present information.

Quality Assurance and Innovation for Digital Screens

Businesses must be careful in how they select a digital display. There are plenty of brands out there, and at a glance, it's impossible to know which displays are made from quality components and which are liable to disintegrate after a few months of use. Extensive research isn't necessary to ferret out the ideal option. Relying on a respected brand or an innovative specialist in the industry is often enough. And, of course, companies can protect themselves from a bad investment by enlisting the help of a reputable A/V integrator.

The world of digital displays and screens is full of possibilities

With several powerful display technologies available, they can be mixed and matched in a myriad of ways to produce a never-before-seen visual solution. And as long as a business sticks to reputable brands, they will get a solution that is also cost-effective and long-lasting.

Elevate Your Vision with Our Visual Display Solutions