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Interactive Display

Interactivity and interactive display technology are part of a rapidly growing communication trend that is engaging millennials in the way that they are already accustomed to retrieving information. Digital signage and 3-D displays are providing companies the opportunity to interact with clients in a modern and practical way. Retail customers, hospitality services, healthcare providers, and all aspects of the business world are committing to this new technology. Collaboration and client connection has never been easier, from the boardroom to the physician’s waiting room. The future of communication is here.

Here is a glimpse at some of the ways in which interactive display equipment can enhance workplace communication and collaboration:

The Benefits of Using an Interactive Systems

New Ways to Collaborate.

Interactive Kiosk

Emerging interactive display technologies, such as touchscreen, interactive whiteboards, and kiosks, have brought to life new methods in which employees work together. This has lead to an extraordinary rise in teamwork efforts and meeting efficiency. Employee training and ongoing education, board meetings, and customer interaction have shown significant improvement, leading to enhanced productivity, improved management, and a positive impact on the bottom line.

Employees Have Access With Their Own Devices 

Most of the corporate workforce uses a smart device of some type. In fact, many people have several mobile devices. A growing number of employees prefer their phones and tablets for texting, email, video communication and other collaborative tools. A vast number of companies are encouraging employees to use laptops, tablets, and smartphones in the course of their workday to interact with projection systems and display systems. This provides an enhanced and seamless collaboration at the office and for remote workers as well.

Each Person Participates in the Collaboration 

Humans interact with each other hundreds of times in a given day. It is only natural that when provided an opportunity to take an active role in a meeting that people will participate. Smart screen technology enables everyone involved to have an input. The is a valuable resource that should not go untapped.

Save Time and Resources 

Employees collaborate and communicate better when they have the tools to do so. Deadlines do not seem as oppressive behind interactive display technology giving the user a wealth of data at the fingertips. Employees focus on their work, saving time and maximizing communication and collaboration.

There is no magic trick to make a meeting more productive. A meeting should be about getting work done, not simply talking about work. Old-fashioned meetings make it difficult for multiple people to collaborate. With interactive technology in play, participants, both local and remote, have access to content and the ability to annotate the displayed content on the fly.

A meeting or conference that uses interactive display technology is by nature more appealing than a static whiteboard or a passive presentation. Interactive touchscreen devices captivate audiences, maintaining interest and enabling direct collaboration. Eye-catching displays make it impossible to ignore the message. Ease of use and a proliferation of smart devices have brought the exchange of information beyond four walls and transformed today’s workplace into tomorrow’s office. This is not your father’s chalkboard and eraser.