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Displays And Screens

Big Screen Video Solutions

A/V products, displays, and screens are the future of the display market. Their durability, efficiency, and eye-catching video quality make them integral to advertising, and other uses across a broad array of industries. Data Projections offers high definition display solutions that are versatile and will provide customers with an immersive experience, enhancing communications, elevating corporate awareness, and pushing brands.

Choosing the right video display solution may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Some of the factors behind the decision are quality, capability, performance, and cost, as well as installation, service, and support. Who do you need to reach? What size is your audience? At Data Projections, we can make recommendations based on an assessment of your needs, taking future growth into account. We understand the necessity of choosing the appropriate display. That is why we offer our commitment to providing the best service possible.

Some of the primary benefits of using our screen and display solutions are:
  • Low cost of ownership or leasing of equipment.
  • A broad array of sizes and resolutions are available.
  • Durability and long life.

Displays / Screens

We offer a diverse selection of A/V products, displays, and screens. Our high-performance solutions include screens from some of the leaders in the industry, such as:

Samsung, LG, Planar, Christie, Planar, NEC, Prysm

They are all available in a range of sizes from 32 inches up to 103 inches. We carry both LCD and LED technology that feature superb high-resolution images, a range of viewing angles, and ultra-smooth motion. All offering high-quality display technology that ensures quality control and offers a broad spectrum of solutions to meet any potential application.

Collaboration and Implementation

When we collaborate with our customers, we bring years of engineering and design expertise to the table. We aid you in developing a display strategy that is intended to achieve the optimum results. Data Projections supports our clients throughout selection, design, and implementation. We will recommend, install, and train in the use of our A/V products, displays, and screens. And we provide customer service and repair capabilities of the highest quality, including flexible maintenance agreements that satisfy each of our client’s needs beyond installation. You have the peace of mind knowing that your equipment will operate at optimum levels.

At Data Projections, we provide a complete selection of A/V products, displays, and screens. Regardless of your audience size, we will help you deliver the message because that is what we do best. We endeavor to provide excellent products and unrivaled support to best serve your requirements.